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Is atheism arrogant because it is the belief than there is no God?

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  • Atheism doesn’t have any clue of the real reality there is one Creator an God is that creator, it’s their choice bt when they die or abt to die then many atheists need to believe in afterlife n God as they are leaving this material world to enter the unknown eternity that they have not believed in , if anyone can’t see an have the conscience sense that everything on earth has to be created by a higher power we all just didn’t get here from any other means everything is way to entricate an put together perfectly there is a God an one day we all will meet him when this life is over n into the next
    Brenda · 8 2
  • The belief that there is no God carries with it a certain amount of alack of common sense and disbelief of millions of witnesses like myself who has seen God,has communicated with God and has had many prayers answered by GOD.
    Smartassawhip · 1 8
  • Is illiteracy arrogant because a person doesn't know the difference between "than" and "that"?
    Bulldog Drummond · 13 1
  • No, if there is arrogance, it is because of not being duped by superstitious myths. While some atheists certainly display arrogance in "knowing", theists are usually more arrogant for the same reason of "knowing". Also atheism addresses theism, in particular the claim that magical super Beings exist. We don't "believe" we "disbelieve" theists and their claim of magical super Beings. Theists give us their reasons for why they formed a belief and we find their reasoning extremely lacking so we cannot share "their belief".
    SBR32277 · 5 11
  • Atheism is a response to the complete lack of evidence supporting the existence of a god or gods. That isn't arrogance, but common sense, logic, and rational thought.
    Grillparzer · 7 8
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