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What's the main difference between liberals and conservatives?

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  • A group of 7 hungry people receive 12 pizzas.

    In the animal world, the strong eat 1.5 or maybe 2 pizzas and leave the rest for the others

    In the communist world, everybody gets a pizza, and then there's discussion as to who needs more

    In the socialist world, everybody gets a pizza and then there's discussion about who deserves more

    In the rightwing world, 6 pizzas are discarded, the fattest person gets two, and the weak have to compete for the other pizzas. Those who can secure less than one pizza for themselves are reproached for being lazy, and told they need to work harder so there will be more pizzas.

    [multiply all numbers by a billion to represent the world today]
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  • Liberals:

    Want stricter gun laws (some want guns to be completely banned)
    Want women to be able to get an abortion if they want one
    Are concerned about global warming
    Want the government to be more involved in things such as healthcare and education
    Think that people should be able to choose their gender
    Want it to be easier for people to immigrate into the U.S.
    Support legalization of recreational weed


    Like guns
    Are against abortion
    Think that global warming isn't a major problem, or even non-existent
    Want the government to stay out of healthcare, education, and other businesses
    Think that if someone is born a male or female, they will always be a male or female.
    Support strict immigration laws
    Some don't want weed to be legal (although a lot of conservatives these days agree with liberals that weed should be legal).
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  • Liberals act from their heart. Conservatives act from their brains.
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  • Conservatives want to work to earn their own income, and likewise want others to work for theirs as well. Liberals want everything handed to them for free at the expense of the workers.
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