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Can you bake canned veggies?

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    I use frozen veg in Shepherds Pie. Don't ned to do anything to them except add and stir through the meat. Canned veg have no taste or nutrtional value so if you have to use them, drain them and lightly pan fry before adding them.
    Kate · 0 1
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  • Yes you can
    Louise · 1 0
  • Yeah you can
    Robert Jones · 1 0
  • While you can, keep in mind that they have already been cooked under high pressure, and are already a bit soggy. So baking them will dry them out to some extent.
    kswck2 · 1 0
  • You can. But usually because they are not fresh but have been partly processed and setting in water in who known how long, the final results may not be very good. It is better to bake fresh veggies. But in some dishes (such as a pot pie or stew) or is you use the right recipes, you can et tasty results from canned ingredients.
    dewcoons · 1 0
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