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Can I add a terminated job to my resume?

I worked at Target for a year from 2008-2009 and was a very hard worker out on the Sales Floor. I assisted Customers as much as possible and did my job well, until I clocked in past the fifth hour three times to take my lunches. I was therefore terminated because of the company policy. I was saddened by this and the managers knew I was an outstanding employee.

Is it safe to add this job to my resume or is it best just to leave it out?
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  • your prospect will want to see your work history time between,wage hourly,what you did,why you separated from them,maybe in california things are different,and prospects forbidden to ask about criminal arrests felonies,drug possession charges,
    it was customary for businesses to ask for the past 5-10 years work history,and telling them about jobs good & bad,the choice you make here,,you might look up reviews of the company on sosh media & msge a couple of exes about your concern
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  • turtle soup
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  • dont
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  • Can you get a written recommendation from your supervisor?
    You can include a job, and not mention the exact reason you left.
    While they wouldn't be legally barred from giving a caller the reason you left, the fact is, most places will only ever confirm start and end dates. A letter of recommendation can also stand by itself.

    If you have other things on your resume, you should skip it- but some places hate to see lapses, and unless you were a student, putting that job down may help you- if you can breeze over the termination. Plenty of people are terminated and the wording comes out to look as if they had an epiphany and sought a better job instead. You don't have to lie to say you were "seeking another opportunity" since there was none to be had the next day at Target. Lots of people change jobs for lots of reasons.

    You are going to find that some applications ask you if you have ever been terminated from a job. Don't lie. Some employers that aren't huge corporations would see your extending your work hours as hard work and a credit. Just make sure you have a good answer to it that isn't "rules don't mean anything". It's the environment and the attitude that counts, and corporations do make rules to protect themselves and not you (and not the customer), especially in retail. Just go work for someone else, and not Target or Walmart. A smaller family owned grocery store might find you golden.
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