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Can I add a terminated job to my resume?

I worked at Target for a year from 2008-2009 and was a very hard worker out on the Sales Floor. I assisted Customers as much as possible and did my job well, until I clocked in past the fifth hour three times to take my lunches. I was therefore terminated because of the company policy. I was saddened by this and the managers knew I was an outstanding employee.

Is it safe to add this job to my resume or is it best just to leave it out?
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  • I would leave it out. No need to raise suspicion.
    j · 0 1
  • No don't leave it out, if and when they call target they can not say that you were terminated. I have worked for the HR departmment and we never ask questions if you were fire
    Ms Pollyanna · 1 0
  • dont
    fugitive · 1 0
  • Yep!
    Rosalie · 0 1
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