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Can I add a terminated job to my resume?

I worked at Target for a year from 2008-2009 and was a very hard worker out on the Sales Floor. I assisted Customers as much as possible and did my job well, until I clocked in past the fifth hour three times to take my lunches. I was therefore terminated because of the company policy. I was saddened by this and the managers knew I was an outstanding employee.

Is it safe to add this job to my resume or is it best just to leave it out?
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  • Really it depends what the rest of your resume looks like and if it shows a solid work history. You only put the year, not the month on a resume, so if you leave it out, it might not be noticeable.In other words if you left that job in January or December, it would not show differently, so if you started another job in the same calendar year, it might not be noticed.

    If you have any good verbal or written references from that job, keep it on your resume. When asked why you left you can say, 'Target had very strict policy procedures regarding clocking in and out. I was a few minutes late three times and we parted ways. After that I learned always to be on time. The managers were sad because they said I was an outstanding employee.'
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