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  • If so many people hate trump how did he win the 2016 election?

    323 answers 4 days ago Politics
  • How can I create complete copies of my HDD's and save in an external HDD?

    Just I want create Images of my HDD's and save in an external HDD. When one HDD crash I will mount the image again in a new HDD and all works fine again. Some people tell me about Norton Ghost and Acronis software and say that I need buy a Dock. If some one can help to me. Thanks
    4 answers 7 hours ago Add-ons
  • What has caused Bill Clinton to age so badly that he looks older than the 90 year old George HW Bush?

    14 answers 20 hours ago Politics
  • Life insurance: Worth it or pointless?

    Best answer: Life insurance is a supplement for when the wage earner dies. It is not for the dead, it's for the living who survive you and have bills, your bills, to pay off. When you are no longer the wage earner, e.g., you retire, it's time to cash in the life insurance.
    8 answers 8 hours ago Investing
  • Is Hillary better than Trump?

    47 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • How smart are Trump supporters?

    Best answer: Well you won't get a great sampling from Yahoo answers, but there are plenty of people who voted for Trump entirely because they feared the implications of a Hillary Clinton presidency. I differ with those people on which scenario is worse, but at least for a few people there was a real reason there besides "our team needs a win".
    163 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • What happens if you fail to turn up at court?

    Would they send out a new court date
    23 answers 6 hours ago Law & Ethics
  • Does this make me a bad mom for raising my kids like this?

    Best answer: Everything you're doing sounds right to me. I especially respect you for not putting ridiculous gender regulations on your son. Good job!

    People have always been extra judgey in terms of how children are raised. Just keep doing what you think is right, and tune them out. No matter what you do, someone, somewhere will judge you. Keep doing right by your kids.
    159 answers 4 days ago Parenting
  • If I have a skill valued by military can I skip some of the training?

    I'm pursuing shooting as a hobby. I wanna get a sniper rifle and practice long range shooting. I wanted to join the army and become a sniper but I'm mentally weak and I'm a woman so I don't think I'd have what it takes to make it through training. I'm gonna pursue long range shooting with a sniper rifle anyway because I think it'd be exciting plus I wanna start deer hunting with my dad. My question however is if I get very good at using a sniper rifle to where I can shoot at very far distances like 700 yards or so, does the military ever pick out people like a scout in sports does? Basically if I'm good enough and someone who's military notices can I be asked to join the military and be placed directly into a position?
    25 answers 1 day ago Military
  • Poll: Do you regret your 2016 presidential vote?

    Are you someone that voted for trump that regrets voting for him? Or are you someone that voted for Hillary that regrets voting for her and would rather have voted for Trump instead? Or are you happy with whoever you voted for in the 2016 election?
    30 answers 8 hours ago Politics
  • Do you think having a job makes someone mature?

    44 answers 1 day ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Do you watch movie clips on Youtube? Why or why not?

    Best answer: No, I don't. I don't like to watch spoilers for movies I have not seen.
    36 answers 2 days ago YouTube
  • Why do people keep dogs at home?

    Dogs are dangerous animals, they're powerful enough to eat a human being. Keeping dogs at home is like taking a Bengal tiger as a pet. Dogs are meant to be freed in wild and not locked up in your closet. They deserve freedom just like us. Just like other wild animals, they deserve to relish the wilderness of the Amazon forest.
    41 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Is 14 too old to play online games?

    I turned 14 last month and I still play roblox, webkinz, sometimes minecraft. I also have a 3Ds and I like playing Pokémon and animal crossing on there. I get really scared that I'm too old for stuff like that, but I like to play games. Am I too old for playing those games and what should I be doing at my age? Don't say makeup, I don't want to wear that right now.
    31 answers 12 hours ago Video & Online Games
  • Grade Donald Trump's presidency so far from A+ to F?

    Best answer: i would give hi a B+.. he would be higher if he had any decent support from his own party and less lies from the Democrats. he is doing the best he can!
    77 answers 2 days ago Politics
  • Has Sadiq Khan heard of vicious cycles?

    Best answer: I thought this had something to do with the Santander Bikes.

    Um yeah terrible news for London's poorest commuters, as if the CC wasn't expensive enough already. The first I heard of it was yesterday too, I wonder how much notice those affected will have had, I like to think I keep on top of the news but I was surprised to hear this would be coming into force today.

    The intention is good but this isn't the way to go about it, eventually those cars will become extinct and helping people to trade them in would be more effective than hitting them in their pockets.

    Where will the extra revenue go and how will it improve the pollution situation aside from having an obvious deterrent effect? So if people ignore him and keep driving in and finding the money to pay how will his goals be achieved is what I want to know. Money doesn't repair the Ozone layer.
    11 answers 12 hours ago Politics