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  • Why does Trump take the side of people like Harvey Weinstein? Are they Bros?

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  • How is Trump talking into a camera making himself look bad the fault of the media?

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  • Why aren’t women reporting their alleged sexual assaults after they happen rather than waiting years?

    With the Hollywood scandal and #metoo going around social media it’s suddenly trendy for women to claim abuse when most of them did nothing about it after the event and let the prev run around repeating the same act. It’s less believable when they wait years to step forward and honestly I think half these women claiming #metoo are making it up for attention.
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  • Why is there more transparency with this President and not the last?

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  • How is unschooling not illegal in the United States?

    Best answer: Those parents will be so proud when their 20 yr old can't get into college cause he never wanted to do more than elementary math.
    He'll be awesome at Mario kart though.
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  • Why did he like me immediately?

    My dad’s brother’s daughter got married yesterday. Her sister who happens to be a very pretty girl was her maid-of-honor. Just about all of the guests stayed at the hotel that was a few minutes where the wedding took place and there was a shuttle. The dance floor was located in the middle of the reception room. After I had my picture taken along with others, I randomly stood somewhere alone. A guy who wore glasses went up to me and kept telling me to dance; I felt really uncomfortable. He looked like a [creepy] priest to me. To shut him up, I went to the dance floor and tried to imitate the others so I wouldn’t look like a fool. Later on when I was still dancing, that same guy went up to the edge of the dance floor and ordered me to dance close to the others. So I did. I asked my mom who that guy was when I was back at my table; she told me that it was the bride’s mom’s cousin’s husband, Ron. After the reception, guests went to the hotel’s bar for drinks. I went down after my parents left our hotel room. After arriving, I saw my mom sitting at a table; Ron was next to her. Their table’s only empty seat was on the other side of him. He gestured me to come over. After I sat down, he offered me pizza and kept talking to me. He kept asking me questions about me, such hobbies, pets, school I went to, etc and he told me things about himself such as that he’s from a Catholic family and has 2 children. Again, I was really uncomfortable despite my mom being on the other side of him.
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  • I think someone tapped my phone. I'm kinda scared now. Something weird happened yesterday. What should I do?

    Yesterday, I was talking to my wife who is currently on a business trip overseas, and near the end of our conversation I told her that for dinner I was just going to order a pizza with extra cheese. Then in what was the strangest coincidence ever, an hour later a pizza delivery guy came to my house with a large cheese pizza with extra cheese. I was like so confused and told them I didn't order it. Then he told me that the order was placed and that my name was given along with my actually phone number. Since I was going to order one anyway I just paid for it and ate it, but this is strange. Someone impersonated me and my phone number, and then had the exact thing I was going to order delivered to me. I was actually going to order it at a different pizza place but I figured why let a perfectly good pizza go to waste by refusing it. I'm kinda creeped out by this. I mean how does someone know my address, my name, my phone number, and also knew exactly what I was going to order when the only person I had told was my wife. Could someone have tapped my phone? I mean how? I thought the only people that could do that were government employees. I'm kinda scared to be honest. What should I do?
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  • What if you had discovered that your fiance had sent gift(s) to his ex-girlfriend. How would react?

    Best answer: There's no reason why he should be sending gifts to an ex-girlfriend.

    It's also very telling that you are insisting on a long engagement. Why aren't you ready to marry him now? Why did you even get engaged if you're not yet ready to get married? If you truly love and trust him enough to get married, then hypothetically you should be willing to run to the courthouse or Vegas this week and do it. What's making you hesitate? Is it because he's a liar? If so, why on earth haven't you broken the engagement?

    "I know he had once sent her a birthday card a year earlier before we were engaged and when I questioned it, he made up all sorts of stories before he finally came clean."

    Consider the fact that he didn't tell you about this - you found out on your own. And then he lied to you repeatedly once you found out. And then he "came clean" only because you kept questioning him (and I will bet you a million dollars that he's STILL not telling you the whole story).

    "It''s not that I am jealous, it's not low self-esteem."

    No, it's that you have a shady-aasss fiance who keeps lying to you. And, yeah, it's probably some low self-esteem too, if you believe that the best you can do in life is a liar who's probably cheating/going to cheat on you. He's not the only man on earth, dear, and I truly doubt that he's got a magic dddiiiiick that makes his lying and cheating worthwhile once you jump into the sack with him. You can do better, I promise you.

    Face facts. He's not over her, he's probably going to cheat on you with her or someone else (assuming he hasn't done so already),and he's never going to be honest with you. If you're stupid enough to marry this loser, then you're going to spend your entire marriage wondering what he's up to, constantly checking up on him, dealing with his CONSTANT lies to you, and you're probably going to uncover an affair very early into the marriage (if not with this chick, then with someone else ... because it's not about this girl, it's about your dirtbag fiance not being able to be loyal).

    And if you're REALLY stupid and allow him to get you pregnant and have his baby, then you are stick with him FOREVER. So if you insist on marrying him, then at least be smart enough not to breed with him.

    If you're smart, you'll give back the ring and end this farce of an engagement, and take some time for yourself (maybe in therapy) before you find another man. Someone who can be honest and loyal. They're out there - you don't need to settle for a lying cheater.

    Marriage will not change him. A baby or two will not change him. Your love and patience will not change him. He is showing you, loud and clear, that he is a liar and probably a cheater. Why don't you believe him???

    But if you want to stay with this guy, go right ahead, but don't complain when he keeps lying to you and when you find out he keeps sticking his diiiiiccck in other women. Don't say you weren't warned. If you ignore all these signs and marry him anyway then it's your own damn fault if you wind up unhappy.

    The signs are all there. You KNOW he's no good. DUMP HIM.

    ETA: "Yes, it's complicated because of my emotions involved with this person."

    Look, nobody's telling you that you need to magically stop loving him. But you also need to realize that love alone is not going to fix huge problems like this. Marriage is about trust, communication, and respect ... none of which he is giving you. You can love him all you want, and he might very well love you back, but he sure as hell doesn't respect you if he's messing around behind your back like this, and lying to you all the time.

    You can break up with someone even when you still love them.

    The point of marriage is to spend your life with someone who is compatible with you, AND whom you love and want to be with. An incompatible marriage won't work, even if you both love each other. Even if both of you are honest and never put a foot wrong. If you're not compatible then things aren't going to work out ... add lying and dishonesty and possible cheating to that mix, and it's ABSOLUTELY not going to work out.

    It's none of your business why your friends/neighbors have stayed in bad relationships. Adults have their own choices in life, and these are the choices they've made. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

    If you want a happy life, then you need to break the engagement, end it once and for all with this guy, and get into therapy to fix your own emotional issues.

    If you want to marry him, go ahead, but you are not going to be happy. You're not even down the aisle yet and you're ALREADY unhappy ... it's only going to get worse from here. A wedding ring won't magically change him, and neither will a baby, remember that. (And with a baby, you're basically trapped. Even if you leave him, you're still tied to him FOREVER.)
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  • Why aren't republicans and cons attacking TRUMP after he insulted a military family? I thought it was LIBS who hated the Troops?

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  • Does Supernova Theory Explain Global Warming, Extinction Events, Ice Ages?

    Dr. William Sokeland, a heat transfer expert and retired professor (thermal engineering) from the University of Florida, has published a paper in the Journal of Earth Science and Engineering that proposes rapid ice melt events and ice age terminations, extreme weather events leading to mass die-offs, and even modern global warming can be traced to (or at least correlate well with) supernova impact events. The perspectives and conclusions of researchers who claim to have found strong correlations that could explain such wide-ranging geological phenomena as the causes of glacials/interglacials, modern temperatures, and mysterious large animal die-offs should at least be considered…while maintaining a healthy level of skepticism, of course. Discovery – if that is potentially what is occurring here – is worth a look.
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  • Property damage - do I have to pay?

    I accidentally caused some property damage at a girls apartment. Rather than claiming on her insurance, she is suing me in the small claims court for the damage which is $3k. I am just wondering why she would not claim on her insurance. A friend has said to me that there could be for a number of reasons why she is not claiming on her insurance but that is none of my business. She has decided on suing me and I need to pay her. Is he right with this?
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  • What is the most meaningless thing in life?

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  • Why are right-wingers framing whites as perpetual victims of anti-white racism?

    Best answer: Right-wingers are ALWAYS playing the victim: Everyone's always attacking christmas; everyone's always taking their guns away; everyone's forcing them to pay for healthcare; the brown and black people are always being racist to them

    Conservatives are the biggest SNOWFLAKES ive ever heard
    15 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • I am disabled and my apartment office is charging me $30.00 for a parking space. Is that legal?

    28 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Is gumbo a soup or stew?

    19 answers 10 hours ago Cooking & Recipes
  • Do you like sardines?

    Best answer: Yes they are nice.
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  • Should a man leave his seat for a pregnant woman?

    What if a man doesn't want to? A man was there first.
    24 answers 1 day ago Etiquette
  • Is Donald Trump the Emperor/King/Representative of the entire white race?

    I think so. He certainly behaves like all of you. He's perverted, stupid, obnoxious, apathetic, and has tendencies to inbreed.
    18 answers 7 hours ago Politics