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  • Religious people- Did you know we're made of stardust left over from the formation of the sun?

    What you may not know is that stars will die and be reborn in the same spot multiple times. This builds up dust and gas, which gravity combines and condenses into other things. It'll take hydrogen and oxygen, two of the most common elements in the universe, and make water, an extremely common compound. Water is the medium.on which our kind of life is based. We are literally made of stardust. you are physically a part of the universe. In you, the universe is aware of itself.
    9 answers 23 hours ago Astronomy & Space
  • Polls: what was the last thing you cooked?

    Best answer: Tacos, not my normal version, but it still turned out good. I usually make some elaborate kind of salsa, but I was lazy and uninspired this time. My muse was taking a nap :)
    25 answers 2 days ago Newborn & Baby
  • Are dogs typically smarter than cats?

    15 answers 9 hours ago Dogs
  • Why are people in the United States allowing companies to give them so little paid vacation?

    In developed European countries most companies give AT LEAST 20 days. Yet here, there is no minimum vacation requirement. When people going to be fed up with this bullsh*t??
    18 answers 20 hours ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Does trump have aids?

    14 answers 4 hours ago Politics
  • Serious question: Is it okay to go your whole life without someone and dying a virgin?

    I would appreciate it if the answer you give is as insightful as possible.. Many thanks. So I was having this discussion with my friend the other day on whether or not dying alone is a good thing or not. Now of course it depends on the person at hand but on average around 1 in 4 tell me they don’t care. If they find someone then they do, if they don’t, they don’t. They don’t really seemed fussed. Now me personally I couldn’t imagine this but I’m trying super hard to ignore girls and relationships and of course sex. For the time being anyway. Yet all my desires and my fetish drives me crazy! Like I couldn’t imagine a life without it. Could you give me your opinion. Many thanks!
    16 answers 2 days ago Psychology
  • Can I trade in a damaged car?

    Best answer: Yes you can. The dealer will adjust his offer to take the necessary repair into account. He can do the repair for half what it would cost you.
    24 answers 3 days ago Toyota
  • Name suggestion help?

    I’m due in 3 short weeks and my husband and I STILL haven’t agreed on a name! I absolutely adore the name Annabelle (Annie for short), but my husband won’t budge all because of that darn haunted doll movie. So, I need suggestions for first names that go well with the middle name Claire (family name passed down that I’d like to keep going). We both really liked Eloise Claire and Scarlet Claire, but my mother in law already tore both of those bits with her criticism... I’m not a fan of “funky” names (example: my nieces names are Braylinn and Brecken... love them to pieces, but the names are not my taste) I prefer more traditional names that age well. Suggestions are appreciated!
    23 answers 1 day ago Baby Names
  • Atheists or any who don’t believe in Christ as the Savior of the world . Didn’t Jesus Christ prove who he was? That’s your proof.?

    Best answer: When an academic says something "Neil degrass tyson said..." you don't demand that he list references from 1842 about the quality of a cell. His degrees and work are the credential and proof he is "right."

    Its the undergrads who demand the details their professors demand of them.
    25 answers 2 days ago Mythology & Folklore
  • Would you hug your sister if she asked you?

    14 answers 4 hours ago Family
  • Lying to get through MEPS?

    I want to join the Air Force, however due to having a pretty rough childhood, I have "anxiety disorder" written on my medical records from when I was in my early teens. The reason for it, was my parent was an alcoholic who abused us but I was never on any long term meds and we only went to family counseling once. I was on meds for anxiety for probably 6 months. I'm now in my mid-20s, haven't had issues with anxiety since I left my family. I've done a lot of research on medical waivers and it's a 50/50 shot. Not sure I want to take those odds. Everyone says just don't tell them, once you get past meps you're given a new military medical record and your civilian doesn't exist anymore, unless they have a reason to look. My concern is, what if I get injured in the military and that's "reason enough to look"? What if I have to go for a security clearance or I get a job in intel? Everyone was saying answer NO - Neverending Opportunities, answer YES - Your Enlistment Stops. Some people even said if they find out, the most that will really happen to you is they may discharge you medically, but rarely do they come after you with the long d*ck of the law. Just want some advice. Thanks.
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  • Full name for Max?

    Hi all, DH and I love the name Max but aren’t completely sold on Maximillian as our sons full name. Are there any other names that Max is short for? Or do you think we should just call him plain Max?
    17 answers 17 hours ago Baby Names
  • What unique baby girl name do you like best?

    Best answer: Addison is fairly common. I've met a girl named Bryn and she was a real sweetheart. I like Leonora ("Nora" or Leah") and Cressida ("Cressie") best on your list.
    32 answers 2 days ago Baby Names
  • My mom keeps threatening to kill me!!!!!!?

    Ever since i came to California in August 2011. my mom has been threatening to kill me. This all is during my second year of high school until now. When i was little my mom used to keep me up stil 12am and tell me to study math even tho I've told her I'm not good at math. She has also has strong opinions and this is why she is threatening to kill me. Since i got to college, She belittles the remedial courses I'm taking so i can take my real courses and cusses at me constantly for it. It's gotten to the point where now whenever she gets angry she threatens to kill me and one time actually tried with sissors. i always knew I couldn't talk to her honestly but now since college, that's even more apparent. She always has to have the last word and because loud and nonsensical even over the smallest issue, even when i tell her to calm down it makes her more infuriated. it has come to the point where I really couldn't care less about her because if she refuses to charge why should i? my only hope now is to make enough money to hopefully move out during the fall or summer. What do i do?
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  • Have Republicans gone so far right-wing that they consider moderates to be socialists now?

    Best answer: Republicans have gone so far right wing that the only thing they lack are Nazi armbands and night marches with flaming torches. Oh, wait a minute...
    17 answers 18 hours ago Politics
  • Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt lift America out of the Great Depression?

    Or was it not him? But, rather: something else?
    16 answers 14 hours ago Politics
  • Truman said, "The Buck Stops Here." What is Trump's version?

    16 answers 14 hours ago Politics
  • Will Trumps base shrink even more if the government shuts down?

    Best answer: I've been thinking about Trumps base lately. I realized there are people who just want to be miserable, hateful, need to be part of the gang for reinforcement. Truth, common sense is replaced by some kind of blind loyalty or admiration for that type of leadership. It was creepy watching the news reels of those in Germany watching Adolf speeches, like there eyes were glazed over and clapped uncontrollably. Are Trump supporters a version of that, I don't know.
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  • Dem; Are you really Ok that your elected officials will not sign? they choosing foreigners over all of America.?

    They can not blakcmail us into accepting chain migration. That mean that every signle immigrant is allowed to bring in daddy, mommy, son, daughter, 15 nephew, 64 cousins, 112 in laws, 27 step children, 200 cousins once removed.....and then THEY can bring in mommy daddy, son, daughter, cousin, in-laws, step kids, firth cousin twice removed, and on and on. DO YOU GET IT??? THAT measn unlimited, and unending stream of immigration, all of whom cost us 70K per year per person. That breaks the tax payer, runs up the debt, and worst of all leaves NOTHING to take care of American citizens in need. Take a look at the homeless in America. There are no immigrants among them. native American, White, Black American citizens sit and beg, while our tax money goes to that. But no, Democrats don't care.
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  • Is Chip a strange name?

    It's not a nickname. It's the actual first name, just Chip. For a boy with a one syllable last name also. Is it strange?
    17 answers 18 hours ago Baby Names