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  • So what if Hilary Clinton did a deal with Russia and was financially rewarded what does it matter at this point?

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  • Why do conservatives pretend they don't think Trump is a sexual predator?

    I get that their team desperately needs it to not be true, and you'll repeat that out of loyalty to your team. I get that it's possible to tell yourself that all that matters is the fine print. Audio could have been taken out of context! Their word against his! Not enough evidence to convict! None of that changes the fact that we all understand that Trump did it. He admitted it, it's perfectly in line with his character, it's obvious. So conservatives who will inevitably regurgitate the same paper-thin technicalities or deflect it to Clinton, why are you such cowardly liars and who do you think you're fooling?
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  • Is Donald Trump a legitimate United States president?

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  • The best form of government is a benevolent dictatorship, don't you agree and wish we had one?

    Best answer: There is no good form of government.
    17 answers 6 hours ago Politics
  • Do you like scary movies?

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  • Why do we have to learn hard math like calculus?

    Best answer:

    Learning higher forms of math opens up new ways of thinking, reasoning, and problem solving. It allows for physics to make sense, which allows for greater feats of engineering, which permits us to improve our lives.

    You may not need calculus, but the human race does. If you want to be of no value to the human race, then by all means, don't learn calculus.
    22 answers 2 days ago Mathematics
  • Michelle Obama slams women who voted for Trump?

    peaking during a conference in Boston yesterday, former First Lady Michelle Obama berated women who dared to vote against Hillary Clinton and for Donald Trump. She also implied women who voted for Trump are incapable of thinking for themselves or making their own decisions. "As far as I'm concerned, any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice in a way. To me, it doesn’t say as much about Hillary ? and everybody’s trying to wonder. Well, what does it mean for Hillary? No, no, no. What does it mean for us as women? That we look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, ‘That guy. He’s better for me. His voice is more true to me.’ Well, to me that just says you don’t like your voice. You like the thing we’re told to like," she said.
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  • If I eat a lot of pizza and ice cream in a dream, will I gain weight?

    Best answer: In the dream, yes, you will gain weight.

    In reality, no, you will not gain weight.
    8 answers 4 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • How do you keep from being driven insane by an autistic family member?

    There is an autistic 21 year old in the family. In addition to autism, his IQ is quite low and he functions at the level of a 4 year old. He is on medication to keep him from being physically violent with the rest of us. Every day, all day long he approaches each family member in turn and makes his "announcements". He says things like "Mr. Jackson was my teacher but then he retired!" or "Buzz and Woody got lost at Pizza Planet" or "I will be a fire-fighter when I grow up!" He has about 7 or 8 different proclamations he is compelled to make and when he makes one, each person has to be addressed individually, even if the other people are in the same room. He also repeats the announcement several times to each person to make sure they heard him. So we hear the same announcement multiple times for each of the 4 family members. After about five minutes he decides to issue another proclamation and the cycle begins again. This continues for hours until he is in bed and even then he sometimes gets up and wakes the rest of the family to hear his announcements. He is very insistent and demands our full attention to every announcement. If we ignore him or ask him to speak quietly, he gets very angry an starts shouting "BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET MAD!" over and over. We try to ignore him and just say "Yes" or "That's nice" each time, but it is like a slow form of torture and it's driving me nuts. What can I do to change this situation?
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  • Would you take in an abandoned baby?

    There is a knock at your door in the middle of the night. You go downstairs to see who could be bothering you at this hour, only to find a cooing bundle of cloth in a basket. A baby has been abandoned on your doorstep with a note "Please give my baby the good home I never could." What do you do?
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  • Who does't Mourinho just play this fron 6?

    Best answer: Yeah that way there's a balance in the side. Ive suggested something similar before as well. Its a great set up for counter attacking, something United have to rely on pretty much. The possibility of Ozil joining you could play him in the attacking mid position instead but the problem there then is he won't be closing anyone down. Still Rashford and Martial would probably make up for his lack of effort. Obviously let's say whoever is in the creative attacking mid role gets marked out of a game you still have options like Rashford who's pretty good in a creative sense I would say and the two defensive mids are capable of picking out passes too. The defence would probably be made up of Valencia, Jones, Bailly and Blind when all are fit. I'd rather an actual left back than Blind and Young and Shaw's probably gonna leave but at this stage I don't think he or anyone else believes he's capable of doing the job due to shattered confidence from A. injuries and B. Mourinho
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  • How to deal with people who dont talk much?

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  • If I format my external hard drive will it delete everything?

    I'm downloading a backup folder for my computer but I need to format the external hard drive that's originally for mac before i do anything on it. I need to make sure b/c it is has pictures on them.
    14 answers 1 day ago Add-ons
  • Why did Bush 43 destroy the twin towers?

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  • Men of which zodiac sign tend to have their sh*t together?

    Best answer: Aries men and Taurus men

    Men of these two zodiac signs are the most likely to have their sh*t together. They are passionate, honest, trustworthy, loyal, faithful, hard working, they make amazing husbands and fathers. They are very straight forward, don't have time for bs and time waisters.

    One more thing. Aries men get a bad reputation sometimes because some people claim they are prone to cheating, well no, they are not. Aries men are straight forward and honest, it is Pisces and Neptune that rules deception, fog and lies. Aries men are honest about their needs. If they want more sex in a relationship, they will say it. If they don't love you anymore, they will break up with you or divorce but won't screw around behind your back. That's just not them. If they wanted to enjoy the bachelor life, they simply don't get married. With Aries men (and Taurus men also) you get what see, there is no hidden agenda, no manipulation.

    This is why men of two signs are my favorites.
    17 answers 2 days ago Horoscopes
  • Ramadan, the fact that animals can also contract STD´s is strong evidence that STD´s are not a punishment from God?

    Best answer: STD's are diseases like any other on this earth. Some diseases are contracted through uncleanliness such as yeast infections and such, but disease is a natural phenomena. Just as warts and toe infections are natural, so are sexual diseases. Diseases spread like the plague because people intermingle with each other on a daily basis from all parts of the globe. Historically a town in the middle of nowhere caught diseases and remained isolated or did not contract diseases simple because they didn't come into contact with others who were infected.

    Thanks to public transport, cars and the increase in population diseases are spreading rapidly and those without a cure cannot be stopped. I do believe in providence as a religious person, that all of our actions are governed and influenced by God yet free will is given. Some things can happen to us due to our own foolishness but a great deal of diseases are genetic or accidentally contracted or even forced onto us.

    Some of us get Alzheimer's disease and others get diabetes. All of us have our time on the earth, none of us are too young to die. Indeed others die of famine and issues that can easily be solved.

    Science is a solution to treat and even cure these diseases. I don't want to get superstitious with you but its a Jewish belief that the Torah can miraculously heal people. In fact when the Torah is taken out of the Ark, we mention sick people's names that God should heal them. In Exodus it says "Hashem is God your healer". God can inflict diseases on people, even spiritual diseases like Tzaarat and God can heal them as well. Religious Jews believe even when something unfortante that befalls us isn't our fault, God can intervene and heal us. The Torah records stories about it. If you believe you believe, if you don't you don't, but when science is unable to help, it's not wrong to believe in something.
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  • Why do most feminists oppose egalitarian ideals?

    16 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • How old were you when you got braces?

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  • I Hate Being Skinny :( Everyone Hates Me?

    I Rrally Hate Beinf Skinny. I Hate Looking In The Mirror At My Body. It Takes Me Hours Just To Find Something Decent To Wear That Wouldnt Make Me Look Like A Stick. It Seems that Everyone Wants To Be Thick or Guys Like Thick Women Instead Of Skinny Womenn. I Cant Help The Way I Am. But I Really Want To Gain Weight Im 5'3 Weigh 107 pounds. everyone i Know Tells Me Im Too Skinny Or I Need To Gain Weight Or Im Skinny. I Eat A Whole Bunch. No Matter How Much I Still Wont Gain A Pound. I Had A Baby Last Year I Looked Much Healthier I Was 10 Pounds Heavier But After A Couple Months My Weight Went back Down. I Dont Know What to Do Anymore. I Just Want to Cry. I Never Get Dressed Up Because I Hate My Body.
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  • Why do people who are pro-gun always deliberately omit the "well-regulated militia" part when they talk about the 2nd Amendmet?

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