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  • I am applying at some sheriff offices to become a deputy, does anyone know if during background they access previous employee files?

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  • Isn't it risky to go on maternity leave and have a temporary replacement fill in your spot?

    What happens if the employer likes the replacement's work better and permanently hires him/her and gets rid of you? Now you would be out of a job.
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  • If you were working at a small company and was offered and job at a much larger company with about the same pay, would you take it?

    In my case, I was offered a job at a larger company with about the same pay. I have been at my current job for about 3 years with a 2 year gap in between because they fired me then rehired me. I'm being told I made the wrong decision because the pay is the same and I'm close with everyone there but I'm thinking bigger picture by working at a larger company with more growth opportunities.Also, I need a change to get out of my comfort zone and I think this is the perfect chance to do so.
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  • Does graduating high school at 21 look bad to employers?

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  • What does it mean when the boss says "I would prefer that you didn't"?

    What do you really do when the boss uses the words "I prefer"? He will say something like "I'm not going to say that you can't take your vacation this week, but I would prefer that you wait until next week". So far this has not been a real problem, but I've been working on starting my own part-time sideline business and the boss from my full time job said "I would prefer that you didn't". The only real restriction on the books that my place has is I can't take a part-time job with a competitor while I'm working this job. Since the sidleline is a DJ/KJ business, it has nothing to do with my full-time job, but my boss is worried about the business interfering with my full-time job. He said I might "think" I have Saturday off and agree to DJ an event but if somebody quits or calls out, I might be required to work at the last minute and I would be expected to cancel my event and come to work, "I'm DJing a dance Saturday" is NOT an excuse. At this point, I need to make some extra money, my full-time job doesn't pay enough. I barely make it paycheck to paycheck like most everyone there. Sometimes the bank account is down to $0 before the next paycheck. There is no savings, no retirement. I had to borrow money from my parents for car repairs just so I could get to work. I really need the money from this but my boss said he would prefer that I don't do it.
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  • Can I smoke weed after I passed my drug test and got my job.?

    I work in a hospital , and I just wanna have a day or two a week to smoke , I rather smoke the weed then drink the alcohol.
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  • Should I inform my supervisor of how disrespectful she was being?

    As the group leader for a department in an office setting, I got this email today from a plant manager, "I know new people are learning in your team. On the 660632 there is a checklist and the points are I4 & O4. Those are already used in the harness and there is not a checklist put in the template. It has Debra’s initials under *Drawn* column and Keith’s initials under *Checked* column. Will you please check to see if they would put it in the template so they can understand this and perhaps use this as a learning opportunity? Thanks! Liza” I replied while sending a copy to Debra, “I will have them fix their mistake. Thanks!” Debra later sent me that she fixed it & that she used the bottommost numbers as always. I replied to her while sending a copy to Liza and Keith, “Debra, you have to watch out. The template did not have O5 & I5 when you did this originally.” Debra replied to me, “How was I supposed to know? I was never taught how to do them!” I replied to Debra while sending a CC: to our supervisor, "Logic. If you already are using test points for something, you cannot use them for the checklist. You know this by now…” She responded to me, “No, I didn’t know or notice. BTW, I do notice that you send a copy to multiple recipients whenever you criticize someone. Everyone makes mistakes. Please refer to the HR manager’s email guidelines. You need to get over it.” Should I show our supervisor tomorrow since he took a vacation day today? Although he and I are the ones who do
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  • Is it okay to take off one mental sick day after three months at a company?

    Hi there so I I just recently finished postgraduate school and just started working again the stove hood really intense training and I have never done a job like this before Had to learn a lot I felt completely mentally drained today and I just needed to lay down I couldn’t find the energy to just get up and type today so I took off one sick day do you think they’re going to fire me because I don’t want to lose this job I did cal in and told him I was feeling sick
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  • What was the reason why you left your last job?

    Best answer: Journeyman painter getting $11 per hour in 2011. Left with the best man they had. Today he still works with me, he makes $15 perhour. I make $18 per hour. I put a lot of money back into the business. I also have an IRA account for my retiremeng and Bronze level Obamacare for both of us. Wouldnlt have that today. If we were at the old job, we'd be lucky to make $12 per hour today and absolutely no benefits at all!
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  • Is it legal for hr to tell the boss someone's medical diagnosis?

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  • What happens if you move for work and the job offer gets rescinded?

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  • I’m 24 and not happy with my job?

    I work at meijers part-time . I live with my boyfriend who was a good job that can support us and doesn’t care whether I work but I now he appreciates the help and contribute to our savings. I’m just ashamed of my job I went to college and almost finished ( I’m a senior)I can’t finish until the summer. I’m sick of applying even though I still am . I just feel like I have more potential
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  • If a forklift job requires at least a year of experience, how do you get the experience?

    Best answer: Not all jobs require the year experience, just the one you got from employment office, look for entry level employer
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  • Is it possible to ask for a better hourly rate after accepting a job offer?

    Best answer: You are usually paid according to your value to the company. If you can show that you are more valuable than what you're currently being paid, you can ask. But I think you are more than a year ahead of yourself.
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  • Recent College Grad Seeking Advice?

    I recently graduated college last December. I worked part-time as a shipping clerk while finishing my last semester. Since graduating I have moved on to full-time in the same position where I have already been for about two months. The job I have isn't very high paying and doesn't require a degree; I am getting very sick of it. I have been applying to other jobs but it's been pretty difficult to follow up with them and also do some research into other potential opportunities since I work from 9-5 and the offices are closed on the weekends. I am currently living at home. Based on your life experience and wisdom.. would it be wise for me to quit my current job and search for something else full-time and put all my effort towards that?
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  • I got fired because my boss has a grudge against me, how seriously should i take this?

    Best answer: Soounds like you hated being there and they didn't like you either and this is probably a good thing for you both. I don't see why it should mess up your life at all, go find a place you like better. I wouldn't even mention this job though when you go for your net job, sounds like the reference would do you more harm that good.
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  • Working for 11 Years?

    I have been working for 11 years as a security guard. I have an A.A. and a B.A. plus another A.A. from a Bible College. So, 3 diplomas, 3 different majors. I am 52 years. I've had other low-paying jobs before security. In all that time, it never crossed my mind to save for my future. I am scared concerning what my life will be like at 60 and beyond. What can I do? I barely make $400 a week and pay weekly child support. What is your honest advice for me?
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  • Just got hired, need opinion.?

    I just got my first job (I m 17) where I ll be washing dishes and waiting tables. I forgot to mention that I m going to be going to Texas this spring to visit my sick uncle and other family members. Would it be okay if I mentioned it to them, or is it too soon to ask for time off?
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  • What careers could my girlfriend go into?

    She’s trying to get 3 degrees in her undergraduate studies: cultural anthropology, political science, and middle eastern studies. She’s also currently learning Arabic. She wanted to work for the state department or the UN but I’m studying to become a veterinarian and the state department requires you to move around a lot and I’m sure the UN would as well. She really wants to travel but I would prefer to see her at least 3/4 of the time. Are there any jobs that could let her travel and study cultures, be involved in government work and politics while not having to move around all the time? Living out of the US isn’t really an option unless it’s a country that speaks English. Thanks!
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