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  • Creationists, if God works in mysterious ways, why can't evolution?

    Checkmate creationists!
    28 answers 22 hours ago Special Education
  • Can you decide where on the political spectrum I am? I really can't figure it out?

    I am not sure who exactly to identify with. Each party has their own flaws and I just can't decide where exactly I am. If you could give a diagnosis, it would be greatly appreciated. Ok here goes: I believe in freedom of speech, pro-second amendment (except I also believe that there should be psych evals as well as background checks in order for someone to buy a firearm). I also don't believe that a nation should completely ban the use of firearms altogether. I believe that religion shouldn't be forced upon people that don't want it, but I don't believe that people should be made fun of for their beliefs whether they're oppressed Muslims or just the average everyday Jesus-believing Christian. I also don't believe that whatever religion you choose affects how you affiliate yourself on the political spectrum (Example: Liberals can't be Christian because of abortion and gay marriage or Buddhists can't be Conservative because of how oppressive Conservatives are compared to how “loving” Buddhists are. We have the first amendment for a reason). I believe that the government should have universal health care within a country and that it should be free for everyone, I also believe that the government should be responsible for its own citizens getting an education and if a civilian wants an education that the government should do its best to help that person get the education that they need. (Running out of room here, I'll put more in the updates!)
    12 answers 13 hours ago Homework Help
  • Atheists: If priests are so immortal then why aren't any atheist priests?

    Best answer: Stupid question.
    74 answers 4 days ago Special Education
  • Is it necessary to use 'and' in enumeration sentences "She can give you a pear, an orange and an apple."?

    Best answer: Of course it's necessary. And the new punctuation guidelines from the MLA are to use the Oxford comma before the the "and". Without the comma, sentences can be misinterpreted:
    I love my parents, Lady Gaga and Humpty Dumpty.
    Without the comma, it could be that the names of the parents are Lady Gaga and Humpty Dumpty.

    If your teacher is over 30, though, he/she probably didn't learn to use the Oxford comma.
    4 answers 2 hours ago Words & Wordplay
  • Christians What things are you looking forward to be doing in heaven?

    17 answers 20 hours ago Special Education
  • Trump posted on twitter that the House "past" a spending bill last night, how can he be a genius if he can't spell?

    It's "passed" Mr Trump. Why won't Betsy devos help trump out with some tutoring? Trump makes a lot of grammar mistakes on twitter, is that because he doesn't have a professional who is not not stupid typing statments for him? Is it Normal for American Presidents to show how poor they are at grammar and to speak like a kid as he struggles to put together a coherent sentence unlike the gifted speaker in Obama?
    15 answers 21 hours ago Words & Wordplay
  • What does ect mean?

    Lots of people here, especially Americans, use the word ect. What does it mean?
    20 answers 2 days ago Words & Wordplay
  • Low GPA, Piling on debt; what do I do?

    When I was in high school I had a 3.2 GPA and was offered about 1/2 tuition to any schools I applied to but there were some family issues, my parent couldn't afford the rest and wanted me to take out $20,000+ loans. I tried applying to cheaper schools but was told I was too late applying to be considered for merit and also they had no housing left which wasn't a better situation. I ended up going to a community college and have $10,000 debt from those 2 years. At the time I didn't know that many colleges don't offer transfers scholarships (which is some BS that I don't understand) or if they did only like $1-2,000. At the time of transferring I had a 3.59 GPA. During my 1st semester at my new school my depression and anxiety skyrocketed & I got straight C's for a 2.3 GPA despite how much work I was putting in. Now I'm a junior (kind of it's hard to determine where I stand b/c of some things not fully transferring) at a school that is $17,000/yr and I know I don't qualify for merit from the school now and can't find any scholarships I actually do qualify for. What do I do because at this point I just know I'm going to have nothing but debt for the rest of my life.
    4 answers 23 hours ago Standards & Testing
  • Is it possible to start out at community college and still become a professional doctor?

    9 answers 2 days ago Higher Education (University +)
  • Can someone answer me this question?

    What kind of idiot made a rule that you cannot hold your hands in your pants pockets or your jacket pockets when you talk to a person?
    13 answers 23 hours ago Homework Help
  • Hi would you like to know some facts about seahorses 🙂?

    9 answers 2 days ago Trivia
  • “Could care less” and “couldn’t care less”—which is the correct usage?

    17 answers 2 days ago Words & Wordplay
  • What does the word funky mean?

    11 answers 16 hours ago Words & Wordplay
  • Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Best answer: Arabian Camel.
    14 answers 1 day ago Trivia
  • Is it okay to sleep during class?

    I don't even want to go to college. My parents are making me so I can eventually go to medical school like they did. I was just wondering if it would be ok to just sleep during my classes? I'm not taking anything that hard just chemistry, biology, calculus 2 and 2 more courses 18 credits. I plan to go to class then sit in the back of the room and just sleep the whole time. I'll set an alarm for when class is over to be sure i wake up in time. Im sure I'll still be able to get a 4.0 with no problem. Is this ok?
    15 answers 2 days ago Higher Education (University +)
  • Why is that girl in my class so weird?

    Yes I'm in 11th grade and there's a really awkward girl in my class. Without any doubt the most weird person I have ever seen and I wonder why she is like that. She has been in the class with me since 3 years and hasn't changed a bit since then. She doesn't talk to anyone, really never. She can't speak properly. Try to talk to her and she just looks down and mumbles some gibberish, it's so hard to understand any words. She doesn't respond when called on by a teacher. She blushes all the time for no reason. Her hands are shaking very often and she's constantly fidgeting with them. She always sits in the bathroom stall during lunch break. Also she can't look at people. If you try to look into her eyes or just her face she quickly turns her head away or looks down. Really weird hm? She also cries over trivial things quite often even though she must be like 17 already. Last week she started crying when a teacher raised his voice at her because she didn't answer and today another guy went to her desk and looked into her face on purpose to make her flinch. Everyone laughed which made her burst into tears. Why is she so weird? Do you think she is mentally ill?
    21 answers 4 days ago Primary & Secondary Education
  • I have got a Saturday detention for missing a regular detention, but I still have to serve the first detention IS THIS FAIR ?

    Best answer: Detention is like short term prison. It's punishing you by denying you your freedom. It's a way of bullying you into doing what they want you to do. You're supposed to think it's easier for you if you do what they want first time.

    It's fair if you accept their authority to treat you thins way. If you don't accept it you have the right to an appeal. You also have the right to go to another school (but that would depend on your parents' approval & the other school accepting you).

    If you want to challenge the school authorities you could use phrases like bullying me from a position of power teaches me bullies get their own way. You could say bullying me like this makes me fear you, but not support you. You could say bullying you gets results, but not respect, respect has to b earned.

    Playing Devils Advocate is a good way of deciding if your treatment is unfair. What reasons would they give to justify doing this to you? Are they right to do what they did?

    You could suggest they talk with you & listen to you. maybe you have a valid point. I don't know. How was your behaviour bad? Who was it bad to? Who suffered as a result of it? What would happen if everyone behaved the same way? Would you like to be in a school where behaviour like yours went unchecked?

    If you feel this treatment is unfair you could raise it with your school council. And with your parents. If you have enough support you can challenge the ruling.
    14 answers 2 days ago Primary & Secondary Education
  • Are creationists uneducated?

    12 answers 2 days ago Trivia
  • My teacher specifically targets me about dress code and doing my work wrong, what should I do?

    11 answers 2 days ago Teaching
  • Were you in SPECIAL ED?

    Best answer: Yes, because I have autism. But I wish I didn't. I want to be normal. I'm tired of being autistic.
    9 answers 23 hours ago Other - Education