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  • If you were the only one out of a group not invited somewhere would you feel offended?

    esp . If they talked about it in front of you..
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  • Why do people act like my friend beating cancer is a big deal?

    So, my friend got diagnosed with cancer last summer. She went through chemo therapy and she had the tumor removed a few days ago and they're gonna do radiation or something idrk nor do i care. Everyone is focused on her and how amazing her achievement is. Its not even her achievement, its the drs achievement. I don't see the big deal of all of this and dont really care. Nobody seems to care that my birthday is next week nor what they should get me for it! Instead they care more about celebrating my stupid friend. why are people acting like this is some big deal and how do i get them to focus on me and my birthday?
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  • Was the mover rude to ask for a tip?

    I used a mover to help move furniture out of my apartment then he held his hand out and asked me if I am going to give him a tip. He put me on the spot too! Although I already prepaid ahead of time on the credit card, he kept bugging me to get a tip. I didn’t know what to do and just told him I will catch him next time. Then he shook his head. Was he being rude?
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  • How to make a kid behave?

    My six year old started telling everyone at my work potluck that he wanted "fellatio and nothing else" for dinner. They were mortified, and some people thought it was hilarious. Why won't he quit saying this? I never even talk about that stuff with the kid.
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  • Is missing a funeral disrespectful?

    My stepdads funeral is coming up in North Carolina but I dont live out there anymore and the only way I can get there is catching a plane. I'm over $100 short for a round trip ticket. My next paycheck isn't until a week from now. Should I tell my family I can't make it or what can I do? Any advice helps. Thanks. God bless.
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  • Do you think this is appropriate to ask acquaintances/strangers?

    Best answer: I think you should mind your own business.
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  • My Mom does not reply to texts. Is this rude?

    Best answer: Then don't text her. Done.
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  • Is this rude behavior for an 8 year old?

    And eight year old tells his mothers friends they should pay for him and his mothers dinner when they go out to eat is this rude?
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  • Was this the best move?

    Best answer: It's the right thing to do to keep good mental health. We can't change others we can only be aware of how we respond and letting it go is the best way.
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  • My professor called me inconsiderate?

    Alright so my coordinator at the university's disability office sent an email to my professor saying I was being inconsiderate for requesting that he look for an take-home exam, as an email attachment for a course which he gave me an F because I didn't submit it before the deadline. She also said that she cannot 'force' him, which was not what I had intended. He had said he didn't see the email because of how fast things roll down the screen, and then said he would submit a grade appeal. But I'm convinced that he was just saying that because he was angry only to rant at me when the day he suggested comes. And my coordinator said that there are these things called "rules" for everybody to follow. I may be misreading her facial expressions and mannerisms but that day she came up to me three times when I had an appointment with someone else and said "Do you have an appointment with me?" when I didn't. I do have some mental illnesses, but that doesn't exonerate what I had done. And sorries always worsen the situation I believe I have started a process of deteriorating relationships with other people. Sorry for being a waste of your time
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  • Do you believe the manager acted appropriately?

    Best answer: Part of the manager's job is to handle customer complaints. Your job.. sorry... the "young girl's" job is to serve the customer in a timely manner. The manager can handle his employees any way he wants.
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  • Was this a rude thing to say to my co-worker?

    My co-worker and I are community event planners. Think of the show Parks and Recreation. My director recently left so I'm acting as the temporary director but still have my event planner job. Basically I'm doing two jobs until a new director is hired. My co-worker isn't the most courteous person. It's doesn't manner if you're in a time crunch working on a project she will barge right in. Not just a quick question or two: I'm talking constant interruptions. We have a meeting yesterday with our department head (my temporary boss). I couldn't believe how many times my co-worker cut off my boss mid sentance during the meeting. Very rude and to do it to the boss yikes! Anyways we had a special program this week. My 8 hour days were pretty much 10-12 hour days the entire week. I'm salaried so I only get 8 hours and no overtime. Here's what was potentially rude: I asked my co-worker if there was anything she needed or wanted to discuss. I told her I had to be out on time today because I had an evening commitment. I don't think I had a tone in my voice when I said it. But for the first time she actually left me alone and wasn't talking constantly. This was a first. I could be working on payroll or analyzing budgets (things that require concentration) and that never stopped her before. She just seemed really angry the rest of the day and hardly said anything. Usually she talks frequently. Does this sound rude or was it about time I stood up to her? Thanks!
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  • If a waitress gave you a compliment, such as, “I like your hat,” would you deny her a tip?

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  • Cashier whose also manager treated customer in front of me nice but was rude to me not even saying total what to do?

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  • Is it wrong to stay home from a funeral?

    nobody died but i'm dreading the next time i have to go to one especially if it's my gran's. last time it was my grandpa and it really fvcked me up emotionally and i don't wanna be around anyone when i'm in that kind of mental state.
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  • How can I discourage someone from from bringing their usual girlfriend to an upcoming dinner party?

    My partner and I regularly throw/attend dinner parties amongst our peers who are wildly regarded as culturally and intellectually sophisticated. Most of the people who attend our dinner parties have impressive jobs, interesting hobbies, are cultivated and well traveled. However, one of our dear friends has now got a girlfriend who is a bit dim. Last time we had a little get together, she started talking about how she likes the books of Ayn Rand. Everyone else was so embarrassed and I was blushing so hard I could feel it. This woman is obviously an idiot and we're thinking of throwing a dinner party next month and her boyfriend is funny and smart, but if she comes with him, we'd rather not invite him. Can we invite him but tell him his girlfriend is not welcome because she is an idiot who likes Ayn Rand? Also she is an Australian.
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  • How do I avoid being snappy and irritable when I get woken up early Tuesday?

    Best answer: go to bed earlier each night, get up earlier each morning; by Tuesday you will be used to these hours; this is part of growing up
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  • My friend’s 30th birthday is coming up. Should I invite Alan?

    Best answer: Ultimately, do what instinctively feels right for you. Think about the importance of Alan's friendship in your life and act accordingly.
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  • Why does he hate me?

    Best answer: ignore him. He is doing it to bother you. If he has a problem with you, let it be just his problem. If he goes out of his way, let him. If he sees it is not bothering you, he will get tired of going out of his way to avoid you. Sit where you like, if this makes him move, so be it.
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