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  • What is your favorite video game of all time?

    Best answer: GTA, I can spend lots of time on it and I never get bored, there's so much to do and I also love playing with my friends.
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  • Does having the "High Ground" during combat really give you a tactical advantage like it did in Star Wars?

    I know it's joked a lot in Star Wars, but if you had the higher ground over a enemy during combat situations does it make a great difference?
    15 answers
  • Son wants Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Help!?

    I don't know anything about video games. He wants a Switch. What games should I buy for a 10 year old? Also, do I need a memory card for it?
    6 answers
  • Videogame suggestions?

    Preferably non-horror and comedic. I like mainstream games.
    7 answers
  • Pokemon games or Mario Games? Which do you prefer?

    I say Mario games for the win
    6 answers
  • What does an 89B do in the Ranger Regiment?

    I'm not in the Army yet, I was just wondering. Do Ammunition Specialists do house raids and typical stuff Infantry based Rangers do, or do they still train in their field? Or both?
    6 answers
  • What is that game on steam called where it shows how all the different members in a family died because of a curse?

    Best answer: That's 'What Remains of Edith Finch', I am sure.
    4 answers
  • Is 15 too old for Nintendo?

    So I want to get the Nintendo Switch for Christmas. My dad isn't against the price of it, he just feels that at 15 I am too old for nintendo and that it is a system for kids less than 10. Am I too old for nintendo and how do I convince him that 15 isn't too old for it. I've said even adults play it but he doesn't believe me saying its for dumb adults. I personally don't agree but do you think there's any way to get him to see my side of the story. Thanks
    26 answers
  • What was the first video game?

    I saw the this only once at a hotel room about 15 years ago it was a shooter we're a rockstar was the bad guy ex thinking might have been a famous rock star I can't exactly remember who it was but all I know is a shooter where a rockstar was too bad guy nem might have been a very famous Band 2 I just don't remember though
    5 answers
  • Why don't they make the Army soldiers clean the streets, instead of sitting around the barracks playing cards?

    Best answer: Everything's about your statement is retarded. First of all there is a war right now, and men are dying while you sit around and rant and rave about stupid bullsh*t on your device which I'm sure your parents bought for you. What the hell are you doing young man? And what gives you the right to tell anyone anything? I can rest assured that your opinion of soldiers and what they do is the last thing they are worried about. You're nothing but dogsh*t on my shoes. Well, that's not true, dogsh*t on my shoes at least bothers me... so that's an insult to dogsh*t..
    10 answers
  • If im retarded does that mean im gay? peopke ion roblox said so am i gay?

    Best answer: There's no correlation between the two - in your case it's just a coincidence.
    5 answers
  • What was the best era for video games?

    Best answer: Probably the PS2/Gamecube era. This is when you didn't have to pay to play your own video games.
    5 answers
  • Any good multiplayer game?

    My girlfriend lives far away from me and she wants to play multiplayer with me. We are both in high school and I need to find some multiplayer games, not like those you use one keyboard, but games you play online. Any suggestions?
    7 answers
  • Is it odd that I still play my X Box 360?

    I have both consoles, an X Box 360 and an X Box One and while I play my X box One It's not often at all. I have Doom, Halo and Batman on my X Box One which I have played but I've got so many awesome games on my 360 that I seem to always resort back to plus I'm always finding new cheap games for the 360. I haven't touched my X Box One in over 3 Months, but will spend quiet evenings happily playing Dead Space, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Blacksite, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider.... I just love those games and the 360 is still my baby that I just can't seem to neglect. I feel I should be buying new X Box one games but honestly can't be bothered haha
    5 answers
  • Old computer game help!?

    I’m looking for the name of this old computer game I used to love. It would’ve been around early 2000s that I played it, 2005/6/7 etc. I don’t remember much about it except there was this huge castle that you could roam freely around inside and outside. I think it had red carpet inside and a big staircase. I was sure that it was a MARIO game. I can’t seem to find the name of it anywhere! It was a long time ago though so there is the possibility I’m forgetting a lot of details. Thanks for the help!
    4 answers
  • What's wrong with GTA IV?

    4 answers
  • Is this proof that satanic video games are pushing pornography on our children?

    14 answers
  • Are gaming PCs ( desktops or laptops) from wal mart good for gaming if there arond 700 bucks?

    Best answer: It all depends on how powerful the computer is and what the power requirements of the games are, they vary quite a bit. See what games you want to buy/play, and look at the games recommended requirements for computer hardware. That'll give you an idea of what level comp to buy.
    4 answers
  • Is Telling People You Are a Girl When you Meet on Xbox Live Being an Attention Hoe When You Meet Them Because They Don’t Always Know?

    So I play Xbox. No, I don’t main healers, no I’m not trying to get attention, I’m just trying to have fun and kick some ***. Excuse for rough language. I was playing and met some new friends today and one of them said “he” referring to me so I tried implying that I was a girl because I don’t want to be confused with the male gender when I myself am female. I tell people I’m a girl because I just want them to be clear with that, not because I want attention. When I told the friends this I thought to myself they might think I’m trying to be an attention hoe (which I’m not) I just want to play and have a good time (and win lol). So what do you guys think. Am I unintentionally being an attention hoe or not in your opinion? Honestly, any answer is helpful ;)) also sorry for some rough words not trying to offend anyone of the sort!!
    4 answers