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  • Little red riding hood but green?!!?

    So I'm making an eco-friendly story version of little red riding hood, and I want the character to be little green _____ hood but idk what fits, do yall have some ideas? I want something that starts with a g so it flows.
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  • If children's authors 'don't make much money' why do they drive brand new cars and buy houses? Are people on here telling lies?

    So, I asked a while back whether children's authors make much money and everyone on here said 'no'. They said authors don't get much money after agents take their cut and publishers take their cut too. But I just saw an interview with an author who has bought a brand new car and has just bought a house outright. So clearly this author DOES make money from her royalties from her publisher. Why do people on here lie?
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  • Every time I write, I feel I am awful and that my grammar is awful and that I should just quit. Is this normal?

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  • What did authors write novels with in 1956? E.g. Typewriters, word processors, or by-hand?

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  • If an Alien Laid an Egg in Your Stomach and You Had Three Days to Live Before It Hatched and Clawed It's Way Out, What Would You Do?

    You'll feel fine the first day, but the following days it'll become more and more painful as the alien hatches and by the end of the third day you'll be in complete agony, so keep that in mind as you consider your answers.
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  • What kind of books should one prefer in order to improve their literary taste?

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  • What books do you recommend for ancient Greek philosophy?

    My grandad was a real bookworm, we had a great relationship but I was too young to understand just how smart he was. He came out with quotes like "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit... That was aristotle". I used to agree and saw his points. Unfortunately when he died that went with him, I've asked many people including my grandmother where he found this and they laughed and don't know, my grandmother told me that ancient Greece was the birth of the western world we live in today and he was interested in philosophy, Ive read articles about it and I'm amazed, I knew they were responsible for maths and such great poets as homer, but with their crazy God's and mythology I didn't realise how close we actually are. Anyway without going on another tangent I just want to know where to start as I plan on taking about these great people like aristotle and homer and hopefully gain a bit of knowledge from it, god knows it cant be ant worse than some rubbish I've read haha.
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  • Please suggest a good book to read during journey.?

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  • Need a writer, got no money?

    I have what i believe to be a decent idea for a book. i have most of the plot for the first part figured out but i need someone to help format and create dialog along with helping me finish the gaps or plot holes in my story. i can offer no money but i can offer any new starting writer something to ad to their portfolio. though it may seem like a risky investment im not asking for you to work full time just sometimes to help. I believe this story has potential. if you decide to join in on my project well share any potential profits 50/50
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  • I want to send my story that i have written recently to j.k. rowling. please find me her email address?

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  • What books to bring on vacation?

    Best answer: The Secret Garden and To Kill A Mockingbird, both so good and easy to read.
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  • Okay so this question is gonna be weird but I swear this is just theoretical for a story I'm writing.?

    Best answer: My friend is a funeral director who prepared bodies for burial and also for cremation. The cremation process usually doesn't 'melt' anything since the high heat dries out the skin and muscle tissue fast, but severely obese people have so much fat that yes, they can have the fat melt for a short period of time. The bodies are in the high heat -- 1800 degrees F --- for one to three hours. Large bodies take the longer time. However the melting would be behind the furnace doors and not seen.
    Here's a link of the process --

    By googling 'does human fat melt in a fire' I got this interesting wiki article --
    Obviously the body is dead at the point where this happens.

    I've talked to paramedics and asked them what was the worst that they've seen -- one said a hatchet murder, another said he picked up a burn victim still alive and the skin broke off in his hands as they lifted him onto a gurney. In a fire the skin crisps and dries out, flaking off. You're not looking at anything 'melting' there, it burns off as a dry crisp.

    You can DISSOLVE skin with acid though. That might be what you're looking for.
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  • My thriller novel is gory and very scary. Would this put you off reading it?

    13 answers
  • Any Story Ideas?

    I am currently obsessed with the power to control ice and snow (Not from Elsa, from Killer Frost) And I want to write a story that gives a character that power, but I'm not sure if I should add it to a zombie apocalypse book I am also writing or just create a new story. And if I do create a new story; any ideas for the story idea? Don't give me the hate on trying to come up with my own story idea. I am a young writer still in school. Writing is something I do to pass the time. Any ideas? Please?
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  • Are there any successful authors who are recluses and shun the limelight and publicity?

    I know H P Lovecraft barely ever left his house. Are there any more?
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  • Captivating Books For 13 Year Old Girls?

    Best answer: "Bridge to Terabithia;"
    "Tree Shepherd's Daughter;"
    "For Couples Only" by Shaunti Feldhahn;
    "The Yoga of Nutrition;"
    "Finding a Higher Love;"
    "Paper Towns;"
    "Little Women;"
    "Anne of Green Gables;"
    "The Book Thief;"
    "The Great Divorce;"
    "Chronicles of Narnia;"
    "Northanger Abbey;"
    "In a Sunburned Country;"
    "The Neverending Story;"
    "When You Reach Me;"
    "The Code of the Woosters;"
    "The Little White Horse;"
    "Long Journey Home: A Young Girl's Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust" by Lucy Lipiner;
    "The Strange Ways of Providence in My Life" by Krystyna Carmi;
    "A Traveller in Time" by Alison Uttley;
    "Only Opal: The Diary of a Young Girl" by Opal Whitely;
    "101 Things All Young Adults Should Know;"
    "The Long Winter" by Laura Wilder;
    "Nancy Drew" mystery series;
    "Little House on the Prairie;"
    "A Wrinkle in Time;"
    "The Wheel of Time;"
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  • Is it possible to never read noted authors, historians, classic literature etc, and still be capable of rational, critical thought?

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  • Badass surnames?

    Best answer: Bullitt, Dredd, Majestyk, Matrix, Plissken, Rambo, Rockatansky, Ryback, Spartan, Storm... all of those names come from action movies. They sound inauthentic and over the top. Some literary characters have names like "Brown" or "Holden" or "Moriarty", names that wouldn't strike anyone as being particularly tough-sounding, yet the characters who bear them are undeniably tough, and sometimes vicious and diabolical. Are they tough and vicious and diabolical because of their names? Of course not. A name is just a name. Calling your character "Savage" or "Slaughter" just to give your reader the impression that the character is supposed to be tough is condescending and dumb. You could name a character Smith or Jones, Greenleaf or Smiles and it wouldn't matter so long as you know how to write a decent character who displays the traits you intend. If you can't come up with your own names, then you aren't capable of writing anything anyway.
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  • I don't know which idea to write. I keep jumping from one to the other. Any tips?

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  • Im very nervous about my writing do you find this short scary story scary? Good? Bad? Anything I should add?

    Best answer: You need to work on this. The best way to scare is to use the senses. The scariest movie imo will always be The Haunting because the audience doesn't see anything horrible - it's all sound. Why not watch it. You can use those devices in your story. Make the audience feel what the character is feeling.
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