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  • What is the last dish you whipped up and you enjoyed?

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  • What goes well with yellow rice?

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  • What are "Bay leaves" used for when cooking? (why lay one on top of food before putting in oven?

    Best answer: The same as any other herb. To add flavour.

    Laying it on top of food won't do anything. It must be INSIDE so the flavour can leak out into what you're cooking. And then take it out after cooking simply because it's tough and inedible, so why would you want to eat it? It's done its job so you don't want it any more.
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  • What is something you love with marshmallows as an ingredient?

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  • Do you know how to make pizza, lasagne.....?

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  • Is quiche a fruit?

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  • Peanut Butter?

    Best answer: Bake some peanut butter cookies, make some peanut sauce, or make PB&Js.
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  • Tired Of Eating the Same Foods Everyday?

    I’m a super picky eater and I’m tired of eating the same foods everyday. I don’t like many foods. The only things I will eat for breakfast are sausage biscuits, pancakes/waffles, bacon or hash browns. The only other things I eat are ramen noodles, pb&j, fried catfish, baked or fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni, peas, bagel bites, spaghettio’s, oranges, apples, certain types of pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, and only one type of sandwich from subway. I’m not that picky, but eating those things gets really tiring after about 14 years.
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  • What are some must-eat dishes in your country?

    Best answer: Nigerian JOLLOF RICE.
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  • It takes 10 minutes to boil 10 eggs. How long will it take to boil 20 eggs?

    Best answer: The short answer is that it if it takes 10 minutes to boil one egg to a given level of doneness, then it takes exactly the same time to boil any number of eggs of the same size to that same level of doneness, assuming the water they are boiled in is retained at boiling temperature throughout the process.

    The long answer is that it depends on how you are heating the water and keeping it at boiling temperature. It depends on whether the eggs are completely covered by the water or if they are mostly uncovered inside a covered pot - in which case they are more technically cooked by steaming than by boiling. And a little less time is required. This might sometimes make a difference if you have two or more layers of eggs in a pot and the top layer is not adequately covered with water.

    If you include the time it takes to bring water to a boil as cooking time and you keep the eggs fully covered in water, it will always take more than 10 minutes to harboil any number of large chicken eggs in water. I believe most cooks would recommend something closer to thirteen minutes to hardboil a large chicken egg.

    Smaller eggs do cook faster than larger ones, extra large ones will require more time.

    There are cooking processes in which one would measure a given amount of water into a vessel for each egg being boiled, say two or three times the weight of the egg, bring the water to boiling, add the eggs, keep the water boiling for two to five minutes, turn off the heat, drain the eggs after a fixed time, and finally chill them with a water spray to stop cooking at, say 8 to 10 minutes after turning off the heat. Such a recipe is less prone to the dreaded gray-green edges often found at the edges of yolks in hardboiled eggs that have been cooked too long.

    As with any recipe, there are lots of variables that impact the outcome. For example, at high altitudes the boiling temperature of water is lower. So a recipe for boiled eggs might need to be longer to achieve the same level of doneness.
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  • Best way to cook a steak without a cast iron skillet?

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  • What is the best bread?

    What is the best type of bread I need to know now?
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  • Is Lasagna a noodle?

    asking for a friend
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  • What are some cooking tips for someone who has never cooked a thing?

    Best answer: You can always add more. But you can’t take ingredients away once they’re in. Especially with something like salt. You want to make sure to build up a recipe slowly.
    Save on seasonings. instead of investing a lot of money on individual seasonings, buy spice blends like Italian, Mexican or Sea Food. You’re sure to get the best flavor.
    Get a cast iron pan. Make sure you have cast a good cast iron pan and set of cutlery. These two tools will completely change your cooking. You’ll be able to pan sear, cook salmon, scallops, steak, pork chops, and almost anything with a bit of good salt and cracked pepper and a nice fat in only a few minutes.
    Taste as you cook. It’ll also let you know if what you’re making needs more seasoning with herbs or spices.
    Read recipes ahead of time. Use a recipe and read it all the way through before you start cooking making sure you have all ingredients, the time to do all the steps , and that you understand all the instructions (such as “sauté” or “broil”). Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand something. Look it up or ask someone, that’s how you’ll get better. Happy cooking.
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  • What is the cheapest and fastest meal you can prepare?

    Best answer: Every single day we made breakfast for our family. Now i want to share the cheapest and fastest meal what we can prepare. Fried Eggs is very common dish for our daily life. We can easily prepare the dish.
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  • Idea for breakfast potluck?

    I'm trying to find a good potluck item for breakfast at work. People have already signed up for various pastries and breads and orange juice. I'm on a tight budget and was thinking of making something in muffin tins, like parmesan hash browns, but I don't think they'll be as crispy if I have to reheat (my job is 35 mins away). I don't eat eggs, so I don't want to chance that an egg dish doesn't taste right.
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  • Should I cook for my wife?

    Best answer: A big yes.
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  • How can I change a bowl of chili into a spaghetti sauce?

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  • What is the cheapest and fastest meal you can prepare?

    Best answer: The cheapest fastest and healthiest option when it comes to food is eggs. It is on top of my list favorite ingredients.

    The fastest and most hassle free option is to make “Eggs with everything”.

    The name of the dish itself is self explanatory.

    Break the required number of eggs in a bowl, add all the chopped veggies you got and mix it well. Will all the veggies I mean literally ALL. As eggs goes well with almost all kinds of greens, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms etc. The more colorful your end meal is, the healthier it will be.

    Heat some butter and pour the entire stuff. Cook for some time and add seasonings.

    You will be good to go in 5 minutes.

    Another suggestion will be adding some milk as well while beating the eggs, as it increases the nutrition value of the meal and bring that flavor of wholeness in your egg.
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  • How long is 65 to 75 mintues? The store bought pumpkin pie box says bake for that long but how long is it in hours?

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