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  • Have you ever been stuck on an Elevator?

    93 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Do you enjoy gardening?

    22 answers 1 day ago Garden & Landscape
  • I just moved into my new home and I am looking for some art to hang up, anyone know where I can find affordable art?

    Best answer: if you are looking for great art to put up on your wall for an affordable price an speedy delivery, CanvasArt4Grabs would be the site I would recommend
    8 answers 21 hours ago Decorating & Remodeling
  • Can 10 year old fuel oil stain be removed from concrete basement floor?

    I am currently looking at buying a house but there is one major problem with it. There is a large (about 7 feet x 3 feet) stain on the concrete floor in the basement that smells very strongly like fuel oil. It can be smelled throughout the house and is pretty strong downstairs. The sellers claim that the stain is around 10 years old. They are telling me that it will be an easy fix and can be cleaned with an oil removal product along with some scrubbing. I am thinking it will be a much bigger problem that will most likely result in the removal of the floor. Has anyone ever had any experience with an old oil stain like this and what do you suggest as a removal process to aliviate the smell throughout the house?
    20 answers 3 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Is apple Cider an Autumn thing or can you drink it year round?

    15 answers 3 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Why is it so hard to lift a car?

    I got a tiny Volkswagon and I can't even pick that up. I don't want to have to start my car every time I change my mind on a parking spot.
    14 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How do i sell a single potato?

    i managed to grow only one big potato in my yard, just wondering where could i sell it? how much can i get for it? the type is a king edward potato
    16 answers 3 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • Why is it so hard to air up a car tire without a compressor?

    When I tried blowing my tires up manually, I about busted a lung
    13 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How do I avoid hydrogen monoxide?

    Please help! I have children. I heard it's in our water supply!! Does filtering the water cycle it out or do I have to do something out? I could try boiling it. My goodness we can't even trust our own government anymore!
    10 answers 19 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Do I need my neighbors permission to plany privacy trees along my fence on my yard?

    I have exceptionally noisy neighbors and would like to plant Giant Green Arborvitaes along my fence. Do I need to get their permission to plant since its close to their property?
    15 answers 2 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • What is interesting in your garden at this time of year? Thank you.?

    35 answers 4 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • Is it a good idea to build a wood shed/enclosure to house a laundry dryer outdoor?

    Due to the limited space, I am thinking to put the dryer outside of my house. The enclosure will be attached to the exterior wall under the carport, so it is not in the rain. Since the climate in Vancouver is quite humid, I am thinking to build a wood enclosure. Right inside the exterior wall is the kitchen and the laundry washer. I think I can move the power outlet onto the exterior wall for the exterior dryer. I understand it is not safe to have a dryer outside, but if I build this enclosure, would that make a difference? Should I put extra insulation? What do you suggest? Thank you!
    7 answers 4 hours ago Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Broken AC, how to cool down house?

    My ac unit broke to my house and dont have the money right now to fix it. I plan on buying window units but in my living room there is no window. Is there something I can put in there to cool it down?
    7 answers 8 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Should I clean my room?

    I’m just very lazy and procrastinate a lot so I’m just going to ask strangers if I should clean my mess
    11 answers 2 days ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • How to fix fence without going on neighbours land?

    Ok I got a 6 ft fence about 28 panels concrete posts which the panels slot into. Storm last year has loosened some posts quite badly this is my problem my neighbour will not allow fence contractors etc to put a foot on his side. And going through the courts for access is expensive . So far I have had a few fence companies come and look but say they can’t fix my fence without putting a foot the other side of it. Can anyone think of a way I can take out the panels reset the posts without putting a foot on the neighbours land . Being concrete posts I can’t even put another post my side to attach to the concrete ones to strengthen them etc as been told not good to drill through concrete posts
    9 answers 2 days ago Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • What is the best cleaning product for showers and tubs?

    Something that will do all the work at dissolving soap scum and dirt so that I can just apply it and wipe away the dirt.
    12 answers 4 days ago Cleaning & Laundry
  • Have you ever taken a shopping trolley home?

    Best answer: No, it's difficult fitting them into the car.
    9 answers 2 days ago Garden & Landscape
  • Apple tree has two main tree branches (looks like a Y) that have been growing for a while.. can i cut one?

    bought a nice looking/tall granny smith apple tree from my local nursery and planted it this summer. upon research ive realized two central leading branches are not good for the tree, but they are at least 5 foot tall (tree is about 11 foot total).. would it be okay to prune one out so the tree doesnt grow like a Y or should i leave it like that? new to trees so im clueless and any helps appreciated thanks
    6 answers 5 hours ago Garden & Landscape
  • How do I clean a refrigerator that’s 11 year old and has so much bacteria and a smell to it?

    Best answer: Supplies needed- a non-scratch scrubbing sponge like you would use to do dishes, sink with running water, bottle of dish soap, several cotton or microfiber cloths about 12"x12", a couple of clean cotton dish towels, a spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water, a toothbrush for scrubbing crevices, a standard size kitchen trash can.

    It does not matter that the refrigerator is 11 years old, it will come clean like a new fridge.
    There is typically not much bacteria in the freezer because bacteria does not thrive at freezing temperatures. When I clean refrigerators I usually clean the fresh food part (usually the bottom) first. Turn off the refrigerator by turning the dial inside to off. Take all the food out and sort through it to see what is still good.
    There are 4 distinct areas- shelves, bins, door and inside walls. A word to the wise---- as you start taking apart the shelves and bins etc observe how they go together because its not always easy to reassemble!

    The shelves will be one of 2 kinds- glass or wire racks. If the shelves are glass let them warm up to room temperature. Take them out one by one and wash them in the sink with the scrubby sponge and the dish soap. If they are really caked with goo then wet them and WAIT for the goo to SOFTEN. No sense in killing yourself scrubbing! Scrub the corners with the toothbrush. Patience will go a long way! Rinse well and lean against the wall to drip dry. If the shelves are wire racks they will need less help- just take care of obvious stuck on food.

    Take the bins out and bang out the loose bits of 10 year old parsley in the bottom into a kitchen trash can. Put a couple of inches warm water in the bottom of the bins. Let sit to soften the goo. Wash the bins in the sink just like you would a large plastic bowl.

    On the inside of the now shelf-less and bin-less refrigerator. Spray the hardened drips of food with the vinegar and water spray. Wait until they are softened and scrub with the no scratch sponge and a tiny drop of dish soap. Wipe the inside of the fridge with a wet cloth. Most of it will come off with water only. (By now your shoulder will be tired). Pay special attention to the door where drippy bottles of ketchup and dressing live. Any butter/grease will come off with the dish soap. (use a small amount of dish soap -a few drops- here because its hard to rinse!) Wipe out the whole thing again with a wet cloth. As the last step wipe out the inside of the fridge with a clean dry towel. The towel will get the dust and pet hair.

    Clean the freezer part the same way but the freezer will be easier.

    This will take about 3 hours. Its helpful if you have plenty of counter space.
    10 answers 2 days ago Cleaning & Laundry