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  • Who is right? I or my brother?

    My brother just finished his college. I work in the same field as his major in college. So I offered to help him with finding a job. so I started helping him create a resume, but he was least interested and paid less attention to what I was doing. He knows that he is desperate need for job and I am the only person who would help him. But, he throws too much of his attitude and told he will do stuff on his own. but, went and told my mom he doesn't know what to do and I am not helpful. My mother blames me of not being good to him. I told her...He shows no interest and even yelled at me. Both my parents tell me its my fault and my responsibilty to do everything from scratch for him and he is too young to understand. But how?
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  • Was I wrong for telling my husband that our in home babysitter who's my cousin informed me that she cleaned up his urine off the floor?

    Best answer: Your husband is a very controlling and insecure man. I am sure he flies of the leash for other things...
    8 answers 3 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Is it okay that I like Taylor Swift?

    Best answer: Who cares about your likes or dislikes. Sometimes we need to stop trying to paint the perfect image of ourselves to others. Taylor swift does have very significant lyrics if you look deeply into them.
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  • Would you want multiple spouses?

    114 answers 1 day ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Are these North Korean men with Amerikan Women. This North Korean guy in my class said so?

    10 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • (Girls) What do you find unattractive in a guy?

    If he's a Trump supporter
    77 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • What's your reason you left your ex?

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  • What's more attractive, brunette or blonde?

    Best answer: ALL hair colors are beautiful! I feel that people always look most attractive when they have their natural hair color and not dyed so it depends.
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  • What is your opinion on a 30 year old husband and his 24 year old wife trying for a baby?

    37 answers 20 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • What's missing from your life?

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  • I caught my husband having an affair! He admitted it was for 5 YEARS! Was he using her for sex all that time? Or did he care about her?

    Best answer: "Was he using her for sex all that time? Or did he care about her?" - You'll need to ask him that. We can't read his mind. Clearly he throught well enough of her to associate with her for 5 yrs, so it wasn't ONLY sex (but then you know that, if your post is true).
    27 answers 12 hours ago Marriage & Divorce
  • Do you have sisters?

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  • Hi, I’m 17 and in an intimate relationship with my great-uncle, is this normal? In public people think we’re father and daughter.?

    When I was 17, another family member and I moved in to my uncle’s. At the time I had a boyfriend, and my first interactions with my uncle were normal. When him and I were alone the first night I stayed there, he offered me some alcohol he was drinking. We sat down at the table and he commented on my boobs then kept saying forget I said that. After more conversation, he got my foot up on his lap when we were talking about the family’s feet, he said yeah your feet are like mine. He put my sock back on and I started rubbing my foot across his lap. He then began to write my name on something, so I put my hand on his trying to stop him. He wouldn’t budge, so I just put my hand on his leg. After a few minutes he said I can’t believe I’m doing this, and leant in and kissed me. We made out, and I sat on top of his lap. We went to his bedroom and he made love to me, then he said let’s try again when we’re both sober. It’s been one year now, we are in a proper relationship, and I think family members know but they don’t have any proof. He’s my nana’s younger brother, very handsome and seems way younger than his age. He’s very wealthy, never forces me into anything and says he’ll be good to me until I stop loving him. We both confessed we noticed each other when I was 15, and we knew we had a connection then. Now it’s actually happened and I feel like I’ll never love anyone this much in my life. Previous to this I’d only seen him a few times but always found him very attractive..
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  • How do I make my mom forgive me?

    Best answer: I think its a stage all kids go through to some extent probably because at that stage they do not know the importance of such an action. If you don't reach them, they will never know. be very honest with your Mom and say you didn't really think about . She will understand, I promise you. Pay her back, this is important.
    Money is a very personal thing because you have to work your **** off for it. NEVER do such a bloody stupid thing ever again. With money, if it's not yours, ALWAYS leave it alone.
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  • What should I do about the ex?

    Both of us were unhappily married for 30 years then met each other and fell in love. We split from our partners and waited, after eight years of being single we married. That was 15 years ago. We live close by to his ex wife and we don’t meet except when he goes to collect his grandson for a trip out. Yesterday his ex ( who has also remarried ) sent photographs of their children at various times and has said she has an album he might like to have and asked him if he would like to go and collect it. I feel uncomfortable with her emailing him and encouraging him to visit. Am I right in thinking that it is disrespectful towards me and her husband too and shouldn’t be doing this ? I wouldn’t dream of doing this with my ex? He belongs to someone else now but I do encourage him to be in touch with our children, likewise I encourage my husband to spend time with his family too. What should I do?
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  • I didn't know her was 13...?

    Best answer: It happens, move on.
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  • What if you had discovered that your fiance had sent gift(s) to his ex-girlfriend. How would react?

    Best answer: There's no reason why he should be sending gifts to an ex-girlfriend.

    It's also very telling that you are insisting on a long engagement. Why aren't you ready to marry him now? Why did you even get engaged if you're not yet ready to get married? If you truly love and trust him enough to get married, then hypothetically you should be willing to run to the courthouse or Vegas this week and do it. What's making you hesitate? Is it because he's a liar? If so, why on earth haven't you broken the engagement?

    "I know he had once sent her a birthday card a year earlier before we were engaged and when I questioned it, he made up all sorts of stories before he finally came clean."

    Consider the fact that he didn't tell you about this - you found out on your own. And then he lied to you repeatedly once you found out. And then he "came clean" only because you kept questioning him (and I will bet you a million dollars that he's STILL not telling you the whole story).

    "It''s not that I am jealous, it's not low self-esteem."

    No, it's that you have a shady-aasss fiance who keeps lying to you. And, yeah, it's probably some low self-esteem too, if you believe that the best you can do in life is a liar who's probably cheating/going to cheat on you. He's not the only man on earth, dear, and I truly doubt that he's got a magic dddiiiiick that makes his lying and cheating worthwhile once you jump into the sack with him. You can do better, I promise you.

    Face facts. He's not over her, he's probably going to cheat on you with her or someone else (assuming he hasn't done so already),and he's never going to be honest with you. If you're stupid enough to marry this loser, then you're going to spend your entire marriage wondering what he's up to, constantly checking up on him, dealing with his CONSTANT lies to you, and you're probably going to uncover an affair very early into the marriage (if not with this chick, then with someone else ... because it's not about this girl, it's about your dirtbag fiance not being able to be loyal).

    And if you're REALLY stupid and allow him to get you pregnant and have his baby, then you are stick with him FOREVER. So if you insist on marrying him, then at least be smart enough not to breed with him.

    If you're smart, you'll give back the ring and end this farce of an engagement, and take some time for yourself (maybe in therapy) before you find another man. Someone who can be honest and loyal. They're out there - you don't need to settle for a lying cheater.

    Marriage will not change him. A baby or two will not change him. Your love and patience will not change him. He is showing you, loud and clear, that he is a liar and probably a cheater. Why don't you believe him???

    But if you want to stay with this guy, go right ahead, but don't complain when he keeps lying to you and when you find out he keeps sticking his diiiiiccck in other women. Don't say you weren't warned. If you ignore all these signs and marry him anyway then it's your own damn fault if you wind up unhappy.

    The signs are all there. You KNOW he's no good. DUMP HIM.

    ETA: "Yes, it's complicated because of my emotions involved with this person."

    Look, nobody's telling you that you need to magically stop loving him. But you also need to realize that love alone is not going to fix huge problems like this. Marriage is about trust, communication, and respect ... none of which he is giving you. You can love him all you want, and he might very well love you back, but he sure as hell doesn't respect you if he's messing around behind your back like this, and lying to you all the time.

    You can break up with someone even when you still love them.

    The point of marriage is to spend your life with someone who is compatible with you, AND whom you love and want to be with. An incompatible marriage won't work, even if you both love each other. Even if both of you are honest and never put a foot wrong. If you're not compatible then things aren't going to work out ... add lying and dishonesty and possible cheating to that mix, and it's ABSOLUTELY not going to work out.

    It's none of your business why your friends/neighbors have stayed in bad relationships. Adults have their own choices in life, and these are the choices they've made. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

    If you want a happy life, then you need to break the engagement, end it once and for all with this guy, and get into therapy to fix your own emotional issues.

    If you want to marry him, go ahead, but you are not going to be happy. You're not even down the aisle yet and you're ALREADY unhappy ... it's only going to get worse from here. A wedding ring won't magically change him, and neither will a baby, remember that. (And with a baby, you're basically trapped. Even if you leave him, you're still tied to him FOREVER.)
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