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  • Do girls care how athletic you are?

    So I was just casually running on the treadmill as usual. Except this time there was a bunch of girls. Half of them commented on how fast and how long I was running. It was quite embarrassing because I wasn’t trying to get attention. Also because I don’t know what the reason for commenting meant?
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  • Are you lonely most of the time?

    Best answer: I'm rarely lonely and those times when I am I have my memories.
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  • A 21 year old man associating with girls in the 16-18 year old range. Your opinion.?

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  • I have so much stress what should i do?

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  • Poll: name something that squirts?

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  • What is immoral about incest as long as it is between adults consensually?

    I was raised non-practicing Jewish. I believe in God but am not of any faith. I believe in choice. For example I am a believer in not pushing your religion onto the law books. I support LGBT and Freedom of Religion. So I don't see why two adults, even if related, can't have sexual relations if they choose. So while I would not have sex with a family member what would be wrong if I wanted to? Like my Dad is a widower. What would be wrong, as weird as it sounds, if he and I had father-son sex since I am an adult? Not that I would do that but if a father and adult son wanted to why should we stop them? Why is it against the law? Same with father and adult daughter sex or even marriage. Shouldn't marriage equality be to all adults? What is wrong with incest as long as we are not planning on conceiving? I know there is the risk to offspring but that is what birth control is for in incest relationships? Obviously I am only talking about adult and consensual relations.
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  • I’m a 16 y/o girl and my parents still take my phone away at 9 pm and don’t give it back to the end of school. Isn’t this ridiculous to you?

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  • Are you single or taken?

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  • Should I have sex with them?

    Best answer: Absolutely. Your boyfriend knows about it and gave you the approval so why not. The world needs more women like you in it. :)
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  • Would you like to have many brothers?

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  • I'm a recently divorced middle aged woman. I feel like I should wait for marriage for sex, but I really want it now. What should I do?

    I was in a sexless marriage for several years before my divorce. It's been six months since my divorce and my craving for sex is driving me crazy. I feel like i should wait for a relationship to have sex, but if i'm being honest right now I don't want a relationship. I just want sex. However, I feel like I need to be a good example for my kids and wait for sex until I find the right man. On the other hand part of me feels like there's nothing wrong with exploring my sexuality and acting on my desires. What should I do? Should I wait for a relationship to have sex or is it OK for me to go ahead and have some fun now? My kids are an eleven and thirteen year old girls if that makes a difference.
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  • Does this mean I’m not straight?

    I’m a a straight female but I go crazy when I watch girls show their boobs, especially in public. I have a lot of vids and pics of this I masturbate to and I also get the urge to touch and suck on them if they’re really nice...but I don’t think I’d go all the way with a girl, I’d just suck her boobs,
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  • I am severly lonely and I'm 17. Nobody wants to be my friend. Nobody likes me. I only hang out with my mom. Sad life. Should I kill myself?

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  • I Am 28 and I have a big crush on an 18 year old girl should I just go for it and ask her out ?

    I think my Cousins friend is really cute And I have a crush on her But they are high school seniors Should I pursue and ask her out ? But I’m afraid she may think I’m too old and think I’m creepy But I know that a lot of girls that age like older men and date have relationships with men way older than them And there are also girls that age who think guys my age are gross to date I’m confident in my looks and I have a stable career and income and own my home, have no debt and make a good living that would be able to gain the acceptance of most women around my age and older so it’s not like I’m an immature loser who can’t date women my own age Which is the common stigma most older men get for going after Significantly younger women as opposed to women around their own age range But I actually have feelings for this girl
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  • Why are white girls not interested in dating white guys anymore?

    Yeah I know, it sounds racist and it might be so, but it's basically the truth. Nowadays it's way more interesting, way more cool for a white girl to date a black, latino or even Asian guy. There are tens of millions of white girls in interracial relationships with non-white guys, while white guys in general only date white girls. White girls never seem to show white guys any preference, but they do for black or latino guys. I hear so many white girls saying "I prefer black guys" "I love them latino guys" "Asian guys are cute", but funny thing I never hear them saying such things about white guys. So why? Why are they not interested in white guys anymore? White guys generally have good stereotypes, so I doubt that'd be the case. Are white guys seen as boring or not worth dating in a white girl's eyes or what? Are we really that bad?
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  • My mom keeps threatening to kill me!!!!!!?

    Ever since i came to California in August 2011. my mom has been threatening to kill me. This all is during my second year of high school until now. When i was little my mom used to keep me up stil 12am and tell me to study math even tho I've told her I'm not good at math. She has also has strong opinions and this is why she is threatening to kill me. Since i got to college, She belittles the remedial courses I'm taking so i can take my real courses and cusses at me constantly for it. It's gotten to the point where now whenever she gets angry she threatens to kill me and one time actually tried with sissors. i always knew I couldn't talk to her honestly but now since college, that's even more apparent. She always has to have the last word and because loud and nonsensical even over the smallest issue, even when i tell her to calm down it makes her more infuriated. it has come to the point where I really couldn't care less about her because if she refuses to charge why should i? my only hope now is to make enough money to hopefully move out during the fall or summer. What do i do?
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  • Is it weird if someone doesn't react to Compliments?

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  • Is it racist and superficial I'm not physically attracted to Black women?

    I don't hate Black women, I'd still be a friend if they were cool, I'd just never date them. I know some Black women with good personalities, but my preference against them is purely physical. I cant help it. Even the praised famous ones like Beyonce, Rhianna, or Lupita Nyong'o do absolutely nothing for me. I just couldn't date them, I would feel it wouldn't be true to myself. I know these women are super rich and wouldn't care what a normal guy like me thinks about them, but I'm just setting an example. And in real life, most Black women aren't even as physically attractive as them. Just my opinion. Even the most attractive Black woman I've seen in my life is like a 5/10 and I wouldn't date her. However, I consistently see 9/10 and 10/10 White women and Mexican women. Yet I've been around Black women my entire life and yet to see one over 5/10. Not saying all Black women are ugly, I just never seen one I'd date. I'm very attracted to women like Ana De Arma or Natalie Portman. Don't judge me.
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  • I don’t think if I’m married for the right reason and have absolutely no idea what to do!?

    I’m 21 and got married when I was 18, I also became a father 6 months before then with the same women I was marrying. I’m sure you guessed it but it sorta felt like I was marrying because she had my daughter, we dated once before when I was 14 so in middle school but after we broke up didn’t talk to each other for years. I was 17 and we both were very into photography so we were suppose to go out and take pictures...that was how my daughter came to this word lol. So after that awkward situation we didn’t talk and I feel awful for it seeming I used her, which I didn’t. A few months back I was dating a girl that was actually that first girl I expressed myself with and it feel to ****, felt like it was going somewhere but felt like a kick in the balls. After that I didn’t want anything to do with a relationship so when she told me she was pregnant I really freaked we talked it over and just went on but trying to prepare for this to happen. She actually became preeclamptic so my daughter was born 2 months early and my wife was dating someone at the time and the thought of someone “fathering” my child made me mad. Even more when I heard him say “I am ready to a step father”. So after a day or so of her being born I basically tried to get her and did and we went from preparing for a child together to dating and then married. So it wasn’t very long to adjust to that. This May would make it three years being married, I don’t know if I’m married for the RIGHT reason.
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