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  • Why do people keep dogs at home?

    Dogs are dangerous animals, they're powerful enough to eat a human being. Keeping dogs at home is like taking a Bengal tiger as a pet. Dogs are meant to be freed in wild and not locked up in your closet. They deserve freedom just like us. Just like other wild animals, they deserve to relish the wilderness of the Amazon forest.
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  • Would you ever have a rat as a pet?

    Best answer: I had a rat named Chester. He was awesome and I loved having him more than I did any other rodents (I had a bunny and Hamster at one point.) He was super easy to take care of and actually was pretty cute for a rat.
    23 answers 23 hours ago Rodents
  • Is it normal for dogs to bark at other dogs aggressively and wanting to attack?

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  • Will my kitten stop meowing?

    I just got an 8.5 week old kitten. She is great, loves us already, is extremely friendly with us, and is very comfortable in the house and with us. She is playing, eating solid food, using the litter box appropriately - all is well - except that she meows when she can t see us. She s constantly meowing and it s driving us crazy. I don t discipline her as she s only been with me a week and I don t want her to fear me, but I also don t want to condone this behavior. Will she stop meowing? She also cries a lot when I put her in her room at night. We let her sleep with us for a couple nights to get used to the house, and then slowly got her used to her room and bed. She has tons of toys, stuffed animals, and I put a hot water bottle in her bed to comfort her. Will she stop crying at some point or am I doing something wrong?
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  • Is there any legit breed that "kinda" looks like a small Rottweiler?

    I don't want a designer mutt... The "mini rotts" look like pug mutts, which I find ugly. I want a dog, fiancee only wants a rott. I want a small dog tho.
    8 answers 23 hours ago Dogs
  • How is my dog paralyzed and what can I do to help him?

    I have a pomeranian. I left to go to the store, taking him out before I left so he can pee and poop, but when I got back less than a half hour later, he couldn’t move. His legs keep shaking, he can move them a little, but he won’t get up and when I try to stand him on his feet, he just falls over. I tried to give him food and water by holding the bowls up to his face, but he refuses to eat or drink. I also can’t take him outside anymore since he just falls over whenever I bring outside. How can I help him?
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  • Can fish smoke weed?

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  • Why do people like cats?

    I think cats are drama queens. They never want to be petted unless they feel like it. With dogs you can go up to them and pet them anytime they want. Cats brains are less developed and to me they are an aggressive animal. When i was a child a cat ran up to me and started scratching my legs so bad i was bleeding. These days i am ready to kick a cat if it tries this. Yea and the smell of the litter box is disgusting. I hope my future girlfriend doesn't have any cats. If a girl has cats i am already turned off.
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  • Why does my cat meow at me when he wants food?

    He follows me and meows at me when he wants food Why ?
    14 answers 23 hours ago Cats
  • I think my dog was abused?

    My dog was pretty matted when I took her to the groomers. When I picked her up, she was covered in fresh scabs and horrible bruises. She was pretty shook up and now she s terrified of her hairbrush. Should I say something to the groomers or was it my fault for waiting too long to make her an appointment?
    11 answers 7 hours ago Dogs
  • Is it dangerous for a kitten to be home by herself for 12+ hours at a time?

    I'm working from 6 am until 12 pm and go to school from 12:30 to 6. I usually leave her home by herself every day like that, is that dangerous? She has dry food whenever she wants it
    11 answers 10 hours ago Cats
  • What's your favorite type of dog?

    Best answer: my dog
    55 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • My dog won t eat dog food, he smells it and walks away. What should I do?

    17 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Do my cats need two litter boxes?

    so recently i got another cat and i was wondering, can it poop/pee in the same litter box as my old kitty, or should i buy new one for him?
    13 answers 1 day ago Cats
  • My dog won’t eat?

    My dog won’t eat and her stomach growls. She does drink a little bit of water and pee but looks like she’s in pain does anyone know what she has and how much it will cost me?
    47 answers 5 days ago Dogs
  • What breed is this dog?

    I walked this dog from the shelter today. Just wondering what breed she is. http://www.tierfreunde-ms.de/tierheim/ve...
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  • Poll: Do you cat?

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  • Is it time to put him down 😔?

    Best answer: How os his quality of life?

    If hes still playing, happy, etc. Dont do it, just help him up.

    If yourr certain hes in a lot of pain and isnt happy, go for it.
    11 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Is it animal abuse if I scare my kitten with the vacuum cleaner?

    Best answer: Yes it is abuse. I know you don’t mean any harm and it’s just funny to you but your cat has no idea what the vacuum cleaner is and thinks it’s a real threat. If you think about it from the cat’s point of view this big, noisy, terrifying thing is a real danger- you’re the only one who knows that it’s not. It’s like threatening a human with a gun or a knife even if you know you’re not going to hurt them- they don’t know that, and that makes it abusive.

    My cat died of a heart attack due to the stress of moving house. I didn’t know how serioudly we should take cat’s fear and stress before that happened.
    15 answers 2 days ago Cats