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  • Do you havea dog?

    Where did you get your dog, a breeder, shelter etc?
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  • Are dogs typically smarter than cats?

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  • Can we get a dog back after we "surrendered" it?

    Some background information: I'm 20, been living with my mom and two sisters while I attend college the next town over, though this month I dropped out so I can go live with my dad and (hopefully) more easily find work (then eventually attend college there). We have two dogs, one I'll be taking with me, and two cats. At the beginning of December, I found a puppy under my car. We kept her while we tried to find her a home (because we knew mom wouldn't be willing to keep her) ideally to a friend or someone we know and trusted. After no luck on that front, my mom pushed us to give her away to a no kill shelter out of state. None of us wanted to go through with this as we all grew very attached to her. Despite this, my sisters and I drove to where the representative of the shelter asked us to meet them, gave her away, and then left. My sister has been talking it over with me and she said that since I'm moving soon, they could take on another pet. We talked it over with ma and she doesn't think it'll work out due to us "surrendering" her to the shelter, but says if we can make it work, she'd allow it. Now this is the key thing: we never signed anything that said we surrendered her. I'm thinking if they'd be willing to transfer her to a shelter near where my family lives, we can get her back. Considering all these factors: could we get this dog back?
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  • The Vet asked if my dog was a working dog? Would you have been embarrassed at how little work your dog did?

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  • How many cats would be your current household limit?

    Best answer: 1.
    I live in a small apartment, and my current cat does not like other cats. For me to have another cat, and to have them both be happy, I would need more space so the two can each claim their own room.
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  • Cats or dogs? Which is better? And why. (I choose dogs)?

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  • Dog’s mouth is bleeding?

    I have an 11 year old yellow lab and the roof of her mouth has been bleeding for days. She still eats regularly and doesn’t seem to mind. Idk what’s wrong.
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  • My elderly dog is doing weird things... are they normal?

    My soon to be 16 year old Chihuahua keeps going to the bathroom about 10 times per night mostly to pee. He also drinks a lot of water. He's also sleeping a lot more than usual. Nearly all day long. So are these behaviors normal or do I need to take him to the vet?
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  • A male bald eagle mates with a female vulture. What kind of bird would hatch from the eggs ?

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  • I recently got puppy and training it is harder then I thought.?

    Best answer: TAKE HIM OUT to poop, every couple of hours . This means someone has to be watching him for the signs that he needs to go. Take him immediately to where you want him to go, and praise him excitedly when he goes there.
    The smacking and nose-running will just confuse him. He has no idea why you are doing that.
    Signs that he has to go: whining and circling, maybe while sniffing the ground.You have to be quick, before he goes. He will get better at "holding it" as he grows up, but puppies don't have that kind of control yet.
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  • How did i get a kitten in the winter?

    When i was 4 i got a kitten for christmas, 17 years later i learned that there is a kitten season that ends in the summer. How on earth did i get a tiny kitten, too young even to be neutered, in the winter?
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  • What does it mean when a cat lightly bites you?

    Best answer: Sometimes it's because they're grooming you or giving you love bites. At other times it's due to light playfulness. Then there are times when it's warning you to not keep petting it or keep petting it on a certain part of its body--especially if the cat has arthritis and the hips hurt, the cat hates having its belly rubbed because that makes it feel vulnerable always or at the moment, for example.

    Love bites during a cozy moment are a bit like the love the kitty felt when it was nursing as a kitten. Sometimes it's just a little nibble with a bit of a sucking or kissing action.

    Then there is the bite that says, HEY you are not giving me enough attention.

    Cats without claws (don't declaw your cat) will bite because they feel vulnerable--not having claws is a painful thing that is similar to cutting the first joint of each of your fingers. It makes a cat act out because it can no longer protect itself--an because it's in pain, which makes anybody angry or grouchy.

    What's great is if one jumps on the back of your sofa or armchair and starts chewing your hair to groom you (it's biting your hair out of love, and that means you are considered family).
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  • My dog was mated and tied by 2 dogs?

    My dog was having a planned breeding but the 2nd was an accident, I don’t know what to do And my dad told not to panic because the 1st planned breeding and was tied successfully and he said the accident mating won’t have any effect on the puppies (if she is pregnant by the 1st dog) please help and she is still bleeding I need answers
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  • Should I bathe a rescue cat?

    The cat itself has sores all over it s body from flea bites and was deemed anemic from blood loss via fleas. The tablet given should get rid of the fleas within 24 hours and she has also been put on antibiotics to help with skin infections. Should I bathe her to help her skin? She s pretty unfriendly and can be aggressive when scared and I don t want to stress her out too much, or get battle scars myself. I know cats are self-cleaning, but in such bad condition should I consider bathing her, or will all be well without it?
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  • Are my neighbours right to blame me?

    Best answer: Of course not. No one should own a dog if they cannot take care of it properly. What would happen if Ruby got hurt while they were at work? She could die because they neglect her.

    There are plenty of other ways to deal with having a puppy when you need to work. They could crate train her and hire someone to let her out and walk her during the day. They could take her to doggie daycare. They could have waited to adopt a puppy until they could have taken more time off work. They could have adopted an older dog.

    They made this choice and now they have to take responsibility for it. They may be mad at you, but you did the right thing.
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  • Can my apartment management evict me due to my neighbors complains about my dog if I register him as a companion animal?

    Best answer: The short answer is that if you live in the US, then yes, they still can. People who require emotional support animals in the US are protected from housing discrimination. That means that a landlord or seller cannot terminate a lease, charge additional fees, or refuse to rent/sell to you based on your emotional support animal provided that the animal is well behaved and that the accommodation is reasonable. Legally speaking, an animal who damages property, disrupts other tenants (in more than just mere presence), or makes excessive noise is considered outside the border of "reasonable," and then the tenant can be asked to leave or remove the animal from the property.

    Basically, even if your dog was an ESA, it wouldn't hold up in court. In addition, getting a medical letter for an ESA requires a physician or certified therapist to grant and cannot be done online or through a service that claims it will "register" your dog. Seriously, don't give those frauds your money. That sort of thing is just a scam and carries no weight in court.

    A real ESA letter should not cost money (other than seeing your normal health care provider) and has nothing to do with the animal itself. However you would have to prove to your provider that your dog is necessary to your emotional health due to a diagnosed disability. A doctor who gives you a letter without that proof is committing medical fraud and could be liable for court action or losing their medical license.

    My recommendation is to talk to the head of management in a reasonable fashion. Explain that you truly have not left your dog outside since they requested you stop and that you think your neighbor was mistaken in her recent claim. State that you have purchased a crate and have been using it, and offer to prove that your dog is no longer outside unattended. (Perhaps installing a temporary security camera on the porch to show the footage?)

    Best of luck
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  • How much does it cost to own a dog?

    so i was thinking of getting a dog. but how much do they usually cost to own? also should i get a puppy or adopt?
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  • So I m 18 years old and my dad wants my dog out the house?

    So I adopted a dog from pet smart and I live in fort worth Texas my dad keeps on saying that he s going to call animal control to take him to the pound even though I still take care of him i give him food and water and he has a chip I ve bonded with this dog and I don t want him to be taken away what will happen
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  • Puppy pees when I pick him up?

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  • Help with my new dog!?

    I recently adopted a 2 year old pitbull-boxer mix dog at the shelter. And i love taking her on walks but everytime someone comes near she pulls on the leash lunges forward and startes barking. But she isnt aggressive if someone approaches her she simply pees everywhere and asks to be pet. But since she lunges forward people think shes aggressive and i dont know how to stop her from pulling. I would love to take her on a walk all around my city even on runs but i dont know how to stop her from barking and pulling on the leash so please help me!
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