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  • Is it against the law for parents to punish a 28 year old?

    is it illegal for them to control your internet usage what you wear and where you go? just wandering out of curiosity
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  • If I see a pregnant woman can I say "I know what you were doing a few months ago"?

    She was having sex
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  • Trump's solution to school shootings: arm teachers with guns. Thoughts?

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  • Why can’t it be illegal for homeless bums to bother people for money?

    If a complete stranger bothers you at the bus stop or a homeless person approaches you for money or if a complete stranger asks you for money in public, that isn’t considered harassment and it is taken seriously. Why is that? I think it should be illegal. In fact I usually catch the bus at a bus stop and some weird bums walking by there in town ask me for money and I tell them no but they still ask. Why can’t this be against the law? Shouldn’t it be against the law to even make conversation with a stranger in the first place when it isn’t important?
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  • Why do liberals think aborting babies is okay?

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  • Texas Common Law Marriage question for Lawyers please help!?

    I have been with a girl for 7 years, i moved states from Washington to Texas to be with her. Her parents pressured us into being married and they told us about a common law thing. According to Google, You have "agreed to be married." You have "lived together in this state as husband and wife." You have "represented to others" that you are married. We have done all 3 of these things and we lived happily ever after. About 2 months ago, she started acting strangely disappearing into the middle of the night, changing her passwords, and avoiding communication with me. It lead to quite a few arguments and i never got any answers. During this time, she systematically, cut me off from each and every family member she had, including all her friends. She told them lies about me in a effort to avoid her payments of the house bill that we share. Her lady friends, believed her bullshit, i still have my side of the story and proof that i have done nothing wrong. No one will see me, i am completely cut off and my world was centered around her. I am in shock! She took advantage of me, had me pay the bill half the time, i have ADHD and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, proof of each. I also have proof of her saying i would pay certain bills if she bought food, or helped us get a car. She got the things she needed and left me. I also have proof she has Borderline Personality Disorder one of the symptoms is doing things like this and cutting ppl out of life. Would a judge hear me and fix our marriage?
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  • Question about vehicle ownership?

    So, my previous car was sold a year or two ago. Last fall, the new owner got into a hit and run, and they were caught and it got impounded. Apparently, they never registered the car, so I got information from their local police about the car. We thought we handled the situation, with it clear that we had sold the car and it was seemingly made clear we were not responsible for his actions. Today, I received a letter from a debt collection agency trying to collect money from us for this. So the question is, are we in any way responsible for this money they are trying to collect? Can they actually do anything if we do not pay them? In Missouri, btw
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  • If I sign up for organ donorship can they take my organs when im alive?

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  • If weed is legal in california, then prostitution is also legal. True or false?

    I think true because if you think about it, if you legalize weed, then it's also true that prostitution is legal. At least according to basic logic that is how I justify my answer.
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  • Should I pay or sue the doctor?

    An urgent care doctor sent me to his hospital to do ultrasound. Finally it turned out that I have to pay more than $700 co payment for it. I had ultrasound in a free standing facility and my co-payment was Zero. I called my insurance and knew the big difference is due to doctor sending me to a hospital to do it. Should I pay or sue the doctor?
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  • Did you know every male 17-45 is in the militia? (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
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  • Is this right for a boss to do?

    I work at a very small local business and I have noticed that the owner/boss often asks the secretary to run personal errands for her like picking up prescriptions at the drug store. I guess she can do that since the secretary works for her and I guess it's ok if it doesn't interfere with her other duties. I just think "It must be nice to have someone run your errands". What do you think? Is it really ok? Maybe I'm just being too uptight about stuff.
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  • Is it true you can buy a gun without a license in the USA?

    Best answer: Every state has their own rules, but generally speaking there are licenses for (1) gun dealers, (2) gun manufacturers, and (3) gun importers. There are also permits for "concealed carry."

    But to buy a weapon there's usually no license requirement. There's a background check requirement, but in most states this only applies when you buy a gun from a federally-licensed firearms dealer. If you buy a gun from a private citizen there is usually no background check requirement.

    These private gun sales often take place at gun shows. While most of the guns at these shows are sold by federally-licensed dealers, there's always a handful of private citizens who set up a booth and sell to anyone who can pay. Also, these transactions almost always take place in cash meaning there's no way to trace the gun back to the manufacturer or dealer.

    This is "the gun show loophole," but that name isn't really accurate because these private sales can take place anywhere - even outside of gun shows.
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  • I think there should be stricter gun controls do you?

    Best answer: Oh yeah if there were, the incident in Florida would have been prevented. Although bad guys would always buy guns from the black market.
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  • What are my bf rights since he is 17 in georgia and what legal procedures can he take so he can stay with his child?

    Best answer: There is the possibility of him becoming an emancipated minor. Can he support himself? Does he have a job and is it enough to pay for a place to live? He should see a lawyer. If he can't afford one, he can go to Legal Aid and get help.

    He may not be able to be emancipated, in which case tell him to count the days until he turns 18. However, you should both check with a lawyer, as it may be illegal for him to have sex with you once he's an adult since you'll be a minor, even though you're the mother of his child. That's what the other reference meant to "Romeo and Juliet" laws. While you're both minors it's not illegal to have sex, but technically it will be when he's an adult. His mother is such a piece of work that you have to wonder if she'd report her own son for rape once you're underage and he's an adult.

    Start making plans now: how will you complete school? Will your parents help you with the baby? How will he make a living when he turns 18, enough so that he doesn't live at home with his parents? How will you together afford to raise a child?

    Your boyfriend can also see if he can get someone to talk to his mother. Is there anyone she respects that she would listen to?

    Your boyfriend should also talk to his mother, calmly. Ask him to point out to her that this is her grandchild, and that she should want to see her own grandchild, and that getting along with you will help all of you form a family. She may not listen right now, but she may think about it later.

    He should also tell her that, while she can do whatever she wants to him while he's 17, when he turns 18 he will make his own choices, and if she wants those choice to include being in his life, she shouldn't prevent him from being a man and seeing his own child.
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  • The last court order was i had soul custody of my son. That was 18 years ago is it still valid?

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  • My employee yelled and cursed at me and when I told my boss and HR, they have not decided how to punish the employee and it is 3 weeks l8er?

    I was giving my employee a performance feedback and she blew up and started yelling and cursing at me. I immediately notified my manager who then walked me down to HR to make a final report. Once in HR they called the associate who then yelled and cussed at them. They had me leave as they did not want to bare witness to everything she was saying. I was lead to believe they were going to fire her, but instead my boss met with HR and decided not to fire her. I became so stressed because they wanted me to keep working with her that I developed migraines and loss of appetite. So I began ask what they were going to do and here we are 3 weeks later and nothing has been done. I told my boss and HR that I did not feel supported in that situation and I am therefore stressed out and I was told that this should not have stressed me out and that we needed to meet to help me better align with the company's views. What does that mean and what should I do?
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  • Seeking advice?

    My car was damaged by a husband and wife they done £1100 worth of damage they are still denying it but their was a few witnesses and proof that they done it so could someone give me advice surely they wouldn t get away with it would they? What could happen out of this
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  • Do unpaid medical bills from 2002 become null and void in the state of CT?

    My dad passed in 2005. Before that, there was a lien placed on his house in 2002 before his social security/disability benefits kicked in. Now, I am the owner of the house and have sold it only to find out about the huge lien on the house, I am stuck paying back and will not profit from the sale even though it is not my debt. Isn’t there a statute of limitations after 16 years?
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  • Couple wants a kid?

    So, a couple contacted me stating the male can't have kids, and the female is looking for it the natural way, no strings attached. I guess, I need some insight into this as is going to possibly be the only time I'm doing this. And I am being compensated for this. Is there anyone else who has done this and can give me any forewarning and/or their experience? It doesn't matter how long the story or explanation, I just need to be aware of what this comes with and thanks.
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