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  • Does Supernova Theory Explain Global Warming, Extinction Events, Ice Ages?

    Dr. William Sokeland, a heat transfer expert and retired professor (thermal engineering) from the University of Florida, has published a paper in the Journal of Earth Science and Engineering that proposes rapid ice melt events and ice age terminations, extreme weather events leading to mass die-offs, and even modern global warming can be traced to (or at least correlate well with) supernova impact events. The perspectives and conclusions of researchers who claim to have found strong correlations that could explain such wide-ranging geological phenomena as the causes of glacials/interglacials, modern temperatures, and mysterious large animal die-offs should at least be considered…while maintaining a healthy level of skepticism, of course. Discovery – if that is potentially what is occurring here – is worth a look. https://principia-scientific.org/does-su...
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  • Does weather actually matter?

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  • What are the causes of global warming?

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  • Which country are you from?

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  • What is an easy explanation of Global Warming to Middle School kids?

    1) What is global warming? 2) What causes global warming? Need a creation way of explaining this. Please help! Would mean a lot :) thank you!
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  • Why developed countries contribute most to global warming than developing countries?

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  • Why does it rain all over the world nowadays? You can,t get sunshine anywhere anymore, is that a punishment from the earth?

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  • What are you most excited about in the fall?

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  • When are diesel cars and busses going to be scrapped so we can breathe cleaner air?

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  • Is CO2 making life on Earth better?

    https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/10/10/w... Reposted because of malicious movement to Mental Health.
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  • Is this a symbol of the end of global warming alarmism?

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  • Do wind turbines produce less energy than the cost to make one? If so is this a sign that they are a failure?

    GraphicConception pointed out this detail. I'm less interested in the accuracy of the detail than in the significance. Is it a good metric for any source of energy production?
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  • Do you think the people in the 3rd world care about global warming?

    I got a feeling when they come to the 1st world they don't care either.
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  • Why is the "inaccuracy" of models such a popular talking point?

    Best answer: Personally, I've always thought the models were overemphasized. I have a book on numerical analysis by Richard Hamming and at the beginning of the book it starts off with what has come to be known as "Hamming's Motto":

    "The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers"

    Looking back at Hansen's models from more than 30 years ago, I'm impressed by the remarkable prescience and how well he did, considering the state of computing and amount of data that was available then. Newer models can be run at higher resolution and assimilate more data, but they're telling us the same basic story: add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and the planet warms.

    It's easy to get down in the mud and worry about the fine details and whether a particularly model is running a tenth of a degree too high or too low, but models will always be models, which brings us to what George Box said:

    "All models are wrong, but some are useful"

    Go back a few years and people were worrying about all the models running hot, but after the past three remarkable years of record global surface temperatures, they don't look so hot anymore. There is a lot of inherent internal variability that is not accounted for in the models, and since year-to-year estimates of global temperature have high variability, sometimes the models will run warm and sometimes they'll run cold, even if in the long run they are perfect.

    While the GCMs are useful, we don't need them to tell us that if we had greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, the temperature will go up. We've known that for a hundred years or more. The data have confirmed this.

    Why is model inaccuracy a talking point? Because deniers will use anything they can, whether or not it's correct, to back up their denial. Look at them, in the past couple of weeks I've caught Zippi62 in multiple mathematical errors and other obvious scientific blunders. Kano asked a question where he gave us a link to one of the garbage websites that he reads that was presenting a bunch of papers with low estimates of climate sensitivity. Most of these "papers" were not published in journals. Kano called out one in particular, and when I looked at it I found that the author had assumed an isothermal atmosphere in his calculations, which would completely kill any greenhouse effect! When I pointed this out, the first thing Kano said was "What about the other papers?" It didn't seem to bother him in the least that the author of the paper he'd called out had made a blunder, and I don't think it made him question his source at all.

    Solar Wind had made many ridiculous claims over the past couple of weeks, including ones that say that the atmosphere and Earth's surface don't emit radiation, that the greenhouse effect violates the first and second laws of thermodynamics, etc. When I challenge him on this, he can't answer me, but eventually he did referred me to a link with another unpublished paper. When I looked at that paper, on the very first page it was clear that the author didn't even understand where the factor of 4 comes from when the solar flux outside the atmosphere is averaged over the Earth's surface. That is a lack of understanding at the most basic level.

    Another anonymous denier that blocks me asked why the Atlantic hurricane season has been "so average". The funny thing was that he even provided a link that disproved the premise of his question! That spurred me on to repeat the question. It didn't matter that the data said otherwise, Kano, graphicconception and others just couldn't bring themselves to say "No, this hurricane season has not been average, you're wrong."

    I call out deniers a lot for lying--which they are--but I think they're lying as much to themselves as they are to other people. So they convince themselves that the models bad, even when they're pretty close to reality.
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  • Is it sexy for a guy to be a bird watcher?

    Best answer: As a female birder, I think it is sexy. Mostly because it shows you have passions and pursue your interests, which takes dedication outside of work or school. Understanding and appreciating the natural world is vital in our time! And, the only person who really needs to think it's sexy, is yourself. Don't let other people's opinions or criticisms change what you care about.
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  • Humanity will not last long?

    Humanity is doomed. Climate change, millions of tonnes of waste not properly disposed that impacts badly the environments, great pacific waste patch, water,land, air pollution, destruction of environmental habitat, animal extinctions. The worse thing is that we do very little about it. One of the big cause of the acceleration of climate change and water pollution is livestock farming. Not only most of the livestock animals live under terrible welfare conditions along with the genes artificially modified and who don't even see the not even once the sunlight.We won't change our diet over this because we value so much the taste pleasure of meats. We delude ourselves into thinking that solar panels, wind power will solve air pollution, climate change while ignoring livestock farming which is the big elephant in the room. People don't make the little effort to sort out their waste for recycling. Billions of dollars are invested to research ways on developing weapons, smartphones, cars, planes but very little in developing environmental solutions.People somehow think that technological utopianism will solve everything instead of taking their responsibilities. People still think somehow that civilisation will get better and they last long, bunch of morons you know what? it's ok. mother eath willl somehow survive through all the human acitivities. as george calin stated: "The Planet is Fine.The People are [F]ucked"
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  • How come guys find curvey girls cute?

    Best answer: Because they don't like skinny bony girls since they can't feel anything but bones..:)
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  • Is climate change really caused by the sun having odd activity?

    Somebody told me that. Try researching this. I'm somebody who believes that climate change is caused by humans and we should change, however someone brought up a point (about the sun being very active at this point in time) that I do not know much about. What can you all tell me?
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  • Do you think it is a possibility that man-made climate change deniers are a result of us not practicing eugenics?

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  • Should there be a Red Team assessment of EPA's Climate Science Special Report?

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