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  • Will global warmers accept the new study that generally rules out worst case scenarios?

    Best answer: Since I read this long after many warmers responded, I can answer with authority that they wouldn't. Even if it eliminates that which wasn't credible anyway, they will not accept it. I don't accept either. I am extremely skeptical that they eliminate the low end too. These clowns don't know if it is going to warm or cool. Trying to gain credibility by staking your claim to territory in the middle is often done in political arguments. It isn't any more convincing to me than listening to Lindsey Graham.
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  • If global warming exists why is it so cold every where?

    I think global warming is just a political term used by radicals
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  • Why do we keep ignoring the manmade climate change issue, when we have more than enough evidence?

    Best answer: Human industry has once again negatively altered our atmosphere. We did it once before with car exhaust. The nitrogen compounds made when gasoline combusts became concentrated enough to form nitric acid up in the clouds - it came down as acid rain.
    And another time our escaped air conditioning chemicals broke down the ozone in the upper atmosphere and exposed earth's surface with deadly radiation from space.
    Or another time we burned so much coal so inefficiently that it made a black smogs killing thousands.
    We've taken steps to correct all of these disasters but we're doing nothing to stop the biggest threat of all - an increasing greenhouse earth due to CO2 exhaust. That's what's happening to our beautiful planet - we're slowly gassing the planet and exterminating life.
    Our atmosphere is like the skin of an apple covering earth. If we mess it up, we're gone.
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  • Do you guys believe that the hurricanes of 2017 and the recent blizzard that hit the East Coast were made worse or caused by climate change?

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  • Conservatives, does this prove global-warming?

    Best answer: Doesn't prove that humans have anything to do with it.

    The Earth has been both hotter and colder in the past. There's not much you can do about the Sun.
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  • What can the government and individuals attempt to do to reduce climate change?

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  • How does the state of global warming compare to what was predicted thirty years ago?

    Best answer: 28 years ago (1989), we had 10 years to act or the planet was doomed.

    Twenty years ago (1999), James Hansen said "Empirical evidence does not lend much support to the notion that climate is headed precipitately toward more extreme heat and drought."
    In the same link was see Arctic ice was melting at an alarming rate- in 1947.

    Ten years ago Hansen and company were sounding the alarm. Arctic ice was once again melting away to nothing. The only difference is this time we did it. Five years ago Hansen and company were explaining away the pause.

    Of course climate scientists eventually got wise and tortured the numbers until they said there was no pause. Is it any wonder some of us are skeptical of the latest findings from climate scientists?
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  • Why do windmills, solar energy and electric cars not reverse the effects of Global warming or Climate change?

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  • What gives you lots of energy?

    Best answer: Redbull
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  • Whose global warming book is the better read, Al Gore or Joe Bastardi?

    Gore has a new E-book for free Climate Crisis 101, while Bastardi put out a paperback The Climate Chronicles.
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  • To stop global warming, should people be shamed from having children?

    Best answer: Before you decide to shame others, you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row and to make sure you aren't living in a glass house. The left wants to shame people that have other political views because they have no shame. Their Cause is uber alles. My next door neighbor, a very nice and sensible lady, was hell bent on moving to Waco, Texas, and hoping that Chip and Joanna could fix up a home for her. Their tastes are a little old fashioned for me but I can see why she liked them so much. They seem to be the kind of people you would like to have as next door neighbors, the kind that would give you the shirt of their back if you needed it. These people don't need a big government to run their lives and the left therefore hates them as they hated Sarah Palin and others. They believe in family, in morals, and tradition, and therefore need to be targeted for destruction. If some think I'm exaggerating, I would suggest they need to pay more attention. I'm not worried about Chip and Joanna Gaines. Kristen Pyszczyk couldn't shame them if she wanted to. I doubt very seriously that they would pay attention to her longer than the few seconds it took for them to realize she is a wacko.
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  • Should we progressives work harder on cultivating a better sense of humor?

    I can sort of understand why many right wingers find us humorless. Yes, we have our comedians, e.g., Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Al Franken, Samantha Bee, Jon Stewart, but a lot of progressives in academia and politics can be completely humorless. I don't know. Is it just me or do we come across this way.
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  • Why do people think climate change is not real?

    There are more than enough evidence to prove that we are causing it, for example the increasing amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.
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  • Will the world be hotter day by day?

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  • What are the scientific credentials of Wattsupwiththat?

    If it is a reliable source of honest information about climate science, why are there circa 10 questions a day here amounting to little more than quotes from pasted-in links to WUWT?
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  • Is it time to go nuclear in the fight against global warming?

    Best answer: The Sierra Club and Bernie Sanders are leftwing hacks and not concerned about the planet as much as they are concerned with pushing a leftist agenda. If we had enough nuclear plants, the left would focus on the problems with nuclear rather than CO2. It isn't that they care, it is that they seek destruction. I know the ignorant useful idiots that post here will feel offended but it isn't a well hidden secret.

    There are many relatively safe nuclear technologies that could be built but trial lawyers and environmentalists like the Sierra Club make it too expensive. I hate using the word environmentalists because they typically aren't concerned about the environment. The only ones concerned about the environment are the gullible drones that donate to these organizations. They think they are donating to help the environment but in fact it is more about pushing leftist causes.
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  • To fight global warming, should pension funds and other investment companies divest from fossil fuel companies?

    Best answer: I read something last week, I will find it and link to it because I thought the author summed up the answer to your question perfectly.

    <<<<Recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled a proposal that would take his fellow New Yorkers, i.e. his dutiful subjects, as he seems to think of us, deeper down the rabbit hole of leftist self-congratulation. He has voiced support for divesting the New York State Common Retirement Fund, directly affecting more than one million New Yorkers, from companies “with significant fossil fuel-related activities.” >>>

    I said something earlier today that was paraphrasing the writer but he said it better:
    <<<First, there is the obvious problem that the purpose of New York's pension system is not to trumpet the political virtuosity of the state's governor. It is rather to support New York's retired civil servants, police officers, and firefighters in their retirement years by investing the state's pension funds in a way that achieves diversification and a high rate of return. >>>

    They do invest trillions and they expect us to bail them out when they make idiotic decisions.
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  • Will electric cars to combat global warming produce more government surveillance?

    Best answer: It is a concern. I heard a talk show host today predict that in 10 years, they will forbid cars with drivers because they will interfere too much with driverless cars. I don't know if that is true but it got me to wonder how I would get my trusty 4x4 Ranger out into the wilderness. Having driverless cars might give governments possible control of people moving around. Controlling movement of people is something totalitarian governments are known for so I hope they proceed with caution and not allow the government too much control of it.
    10 answers 5 days ago Global Warming
  • Why do we keep ignoring the climate change issue?

    Best answer: We're destroying the Earth for future generations becaue greedy oil companies OWN our elected officials... and all for greedy profits. They mock climate change but won't discuss it with facts or research results, like conservationists, environmentalists and scientists have been doing for many DECADES.

    Didn't certain aerosol propellants almost destroy our ozone layer? All manmade, as we're now doing with pollution and poisoning of our air, land and waterways. At first, aerosol producers mocked scientific research and findings... but took notice when satellite imaging proved them wrong and WE took immediate measures, as we MUST do with fossil fuel.

    What will our future generations inherit? HOW much air, land and water can we REALLY afford to continue destroying and poisoning?

    Because like it or not, that is how people are. we all are selfish enough to like the modern facilities that give us an easy life, and greedy enough not to want to give any of them up . Businesses too are tarred with the same brush . They are in business to make money, and if it means altering the environment a little (or in some cases a lot), then they are quite willing to persuade the government to alter the rules so that is doesn't apply to them. It never seems to dawn on them, or the government, that by ignoring the climate change issue, the day will arrive when the pollution is so vast that such processes which screw up the environment will no longer be required , because it will be impossible to live in such an atmosphere. Only then when it is too late will the reality dawn on them.
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  • How does weathering affect climate change?

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