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  • If i change/modify my router's password, would all the phones connected to its wifi be automatically disconnected?

    i have intruders (neighbors who know my wifi pw) at the moment and i am having trouble setting up the option to create an "access list" for allowed devices only. I thought to just change the password which is easier, would that do the trick of kicking them out? thanks
    6 answers 9 hours ago Computer Networking
  • How long does my IP stay banned from YouTube?

    I kept having to create new accounts to spam "Finish Pikmin 2!" over and over because I wanted PB & Jeff to not just leave their Pikmin 2 playthrough unfinished even though they were sick of playing it. Now though my IP has gotten banned from creating multiple accounts just to spam (I had to create new ones because the previous accounts kept getting terminated). How long do I have to wait until I can create a YouTube account from my phone again? I need to get back to spamming "Finish Pikmin 2!" to make them finish the game because no one else will spam for me. I refuse to believe that my phone is now forever banned from YouTube.
    5 answers 23 hours ago YouTube
  • Why do people take pictures with their kids on social media to generate likes? Are people having kids to make themselves look good on insta?

    .. and Facebook?
    8 answers 2 days ago Other - Internet
  • What are your thoughts on the Logan Paul situation?

    for those that don't know, he is a large youtuber who recently posted a video including the deceased body of a Japanese man who committed suicide by hanging & Logan was making fun of the man. i believe youtube did cancel his show on YouTube red but he can still post videos that are still able to be monetized. what are your thoughts on this?
    6 answers 2 days ago YouTube
  • Why is my computer so slow?

    Windows 10, 4gb RAM, 32gb eMMC flash drive, Intel Celeron dual core processor.
    10 answers 1 day ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Mystery: why won't my PC connect to the internet at night?

    My PC could always connect to the internet just fine no matter the time via ethernet cable. Randomly, the past few nights have all seen it disconnect from the internet completely at around 12 – 1 AM. Router is fine, ethernet is chipped on one of the ends but it makes no sense for this to only affect my PC at night and then correct itself by morning. The PC says it is connected, but I get the "website down or moved permanently" from all browsers. I also can't connect to discord. I have updated everything, I have ran virus scans that show no signs of any problems.... I messed around with the firewall settings to but nothing changed! It just happens at night. No other time. Only night, 12 – 1 AM. It is really annoying when I have work to finish! What could be the problem????
    12 answers 4 days ago Computer Networking
  • Should I kick him of my wifi?

    I have a friend who uses my wifi because we live in the same vincinty so I let him use my wifi because he asked and I was nice , but recently he has been very rude and called me hurtful names and I have been very kind to him, buying him food when he doesn’t have money, should I just kick him off my wifi ? What do you think ?
    11 answers 2 days ago Computer Networking
  • Laptop battery?

    Hello, can someone help me find a battery for this toshiba laptop?
    8 answers 22 hours ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Husband blocked me on Facebook. Why?

    The east coast was hit by the major snow storm the other day and a friend of both me and my husband from church, who is a home health nurse, posted on Facebook that her job wanted then to come in the day before to be ready for their shift at 7 AM. They were going to put them up in the hospital. She was saying that she wasn't going for various reasons and my husband chimed in that he has an AWD vehicle and would come take her to work. She didn't reply or even like the post. The next day we were chilling in bed and around noon my husband gets up and gets dressed. I asked him where he was going and he said he was going to check on the grand kids then stop by his parents. After he left I noticed the post and called him upset that he would offer to pick up some other woman and take her to work. I sent him a series of texts to say I was upset that he would offer on an open forum like Facebook to take another woman to work. I told him I felt like he was treating me like a woman in the street to offer another woman a ride to work. I felt he doesn't care about me or this marriage. He said that he was just kidding. Him and this girl joke with each other a lot. Obviously so since he waiting till noon to get dressed and the girl said she had to be at work at 7 AM. Later in the day I noticed that he has now blocked me from seeing any of his posts on Facebook. When I asked him about it he said that he was tired of me looking at everything he posts and questioning me about it.
    7 answers 1 day ago Facebook
  • Why do some people hate laptops?

    18 answers 5 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Is using a $6,000 projector for video editing a bad idea?

    6 answers 11 hours ago Other - Computers
  • Can a lightning damage a notebook that runs on the battery and is connected by wifi?

    Best answer: Doubt it. Some ways:
    Direct impact of a storm cloud stroke.
    Ball lightning discharge.
    EMP from a nearby high energy discharge.
    Tesla coil shock.
    8 answers 2 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Windows 10 is spy?

    9 answers 2 days ago Software
  • Me and this guy where going of about politics on Instagram, when all of a sudden he tells me he got my iP?

    He tells me he has my ip address and he's aware of my second instagram page ( I did have two I just deleted them). Is this even possible? Is this just standard "hacking" or am I in for a ride? What's going on???
    7 answers 1 day ago Security
  • I forgot my laptop password?

    5 answers 3 hours ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • I tried to make a daum account, but everything I type in to make an is doesn't work. How did you guys do it?

    5 answers 5 days ago Programming & Design
  • How do I set up a virtual machine to use TOR browser?

    can someone help me?
    6 answers 22 hours ago Security
  • Can YouTube ban a device from ever creating accounts?

    I can't create accounts on YouTube anymore because I was reported multiple times for spam. After my account got terminated I just created another one to keep spamming and that one got shut down in a few days as well. After several days of creating accounts to spam and those getting shut down now whenever I try to create a new account with my phone it instantly gets terminated within a minute. How and why is this happening and when will I be able to create accounts with my phone again?
    6 answers 23 hours ago YouTube
  • Facebook friends?

    How come some of your friends might have like 320 and others get 1,130 friends how do you get over 1,130 friends? do they just accepted random people who ever add them? i have couple friends have over 1,000 and few of them won't add my fake account?
    6 answers 23 hours ago Facebook