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  • Do you have sisters?

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  • How do I make my mom forgive me?

    Best answer: I think its a stage all kids go through to some extent probably because at that stage they do not know the importance of such an action. If you don't reach them, they will never know. be very honest with your Mom and say you didn't really think about . She will understand, I promise you. Pay her back, this is important.
    Money is a very personal thing because you have to work your **** off for it. NEVER do such a bloody stupid thing ever again. With money, if it's not yours, ALWAYS leave it alone.
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  • So if sisters mess with the same dude and have kids are those kids cousins or sisters or how would you adress them?

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  • Do you get on well with you brothers or sisters?

    Best answer: you bet !
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  • My mom took away all of my electronics including my phone forever?

    I'll be 16 next month. My mom has decided on this new thing where she literally is going to do a "no screen life" where I basically don't have access to any screens except for homework. She took away my phone, computer, iPad, TV and everything else. I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS! I live in NYC and I need my phone for walking alone and school and SO MUCH MORE! she just WONT listen. I'm writing this on my friends phone. I can't do this... She's trying to get life back to the way when I was 5 and didn't have a phone or use screens as much. ITS JUST NOT PRACTICAL. I HATE HER SM RN. She won't listen to any of my reasons, what do I do. I'm so depressed.
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  • How to get my dad to approve of my older boyfriend?

    My mom knows and is ok with it, my dad doesn't know that she knows, if he did, things would be really bad. I'm 17 and bf is 23. He wants to get my dads permisson but My dad is threatening to put him in jail. He assumes my bf is on drugs and not in school which is completely wrong. He doesn't do drugs and he is in college. My mom likes him but has to play along like she doesn't infront of my dad. My dad wont even take the chance to talk to him, he says it doesn't matter, hes a "sick disgusting man for wanting anything to do with a 17 year old". It's not like I'm 14. I won't be 18 until 7 months so I just want him to accept him but need help on how to go about it. Any suggestions?
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  • What should I do about my daughter?

    My daughter is 19 years old. She’s a freshman in community college, which I pay for. I pay her car insurance ($2,000/yr), car repairs (thousands of dollars over two years), and she lives here rent free. I also buy all her food and toiletries. She’s in school about 9 hours a week over three days. I don’t think she has much homework. She has a job where she works 2-3 days a week for about 10-12 hours on average for the week. She only pays for her gas and for clothes. Should I continue doing this? She always says she’s so busy but she spends more time with her boyfriend than she does at school or work and sometimes getting her to do chores around the house becomes a chore for me.
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  • My son says he wants to wear a dress at our family's Halloween party?

    I'm gonna let him but I don't know what to do if all the jack@sses in my family start making comments. I really don't want my kid to get upset. He's only 8 and is just being himself. How should I handle my relatives if they start any sh!t?
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  • My mum reckons she has the right to look through my phone?

    I'm 23 and I still live with my mum and younger sister. I have a full-time job and an above average wage for my age. Earlier this year, my iPhone 6 died and I saved p for a new phone ever since. I finally had enough money for a new phone - so I bought the new iPhone X. It cost loads, but it was worth it. I also installed a SIM card and my number is different to my old one. Ever since I've been using it, my mum expects me to give my phone to her once every day to see "if I haven't got into trouble". I think this is ridiculous - but she thinks I still need protecting. I think I'm too old to be need a parent's protection. Does she has the right to look through my phone? Am I too old to be need a parent's protection?
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  • What should I do? (Long paragraph ahead)?

    My parents have been very strict all of my life. I asked my parents if I can go to a concert that is held in august at least once in my life or go out with my friends every 6 months next year cause I'm going to be 17. My dad immediately freaked the heck out and said stuff that I can only go when I become a doctor. Like, I told my dad that he realized that is gonna take up so many years of my life and I'm not gonna have time once I work. He said he doesn't care and that doctors can have fun too. I even offered to pay for the tickets and take myself there b/c I'm getting my drivers licenses soon. My dad said he wants to just study. Like, isnt that what I'm doing right for more than 10 hours each and every day. I take 3 AP classes + 5 other classes + I am Key Club President. I stayed awake till 5 AM today to plan for next week's meeting and finishing my homework on a friday night. . My dad said I'm gonna be a garbage woman when I grow up because he thinks I'm not gonna do anything valuable with my life. I play tennis competitively. I'm studying in high school to be a pharmacy tech/clerk to have a good start of a summer job after I graduate (yes the classes I take for it will give me a certificate saying that I am certified to work in a hospital or pharmacy). . I also spent the money that is given to me very well. I know its not enough but I'm also going to major in Chemistry... I dont know if that makes me childish but I believe I shouldn't be a prisoner in my own home.
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  • I have written my parents a letter to let the know how I feel. Could someone proof read it, and check nothing is too rude? Thank you.?

    Best answer: If you want an honest adult reaction, I almost stopped reading it after the first paragraph, because it came across so obnoxious. Then I kept reading, and I'm glad I did, because it turned into a really mature-sounding letter to them!

    You need a better way to start, though. You're trying to get them to understand you need more freedom NOW to handle the freedom you'll have LATER. This is a fair point, but you don't want to start out making them defensive. That first part almost comes across like a threat! It's not about you being able to drink or have sex. It's about them starting to trust you more to make good decisions.

    What you want to keep in mind is that all countries have legal ages to start doing certain things, but what matters most is parental rules. Here in the US, so many teens think that when they turn 18, even if they'll be living with their parents for a few years they can stay out as long as they want etc. It doesn't work that way, and parents know it.

    I'm not trying to discourage you at all! But your parents know all this, even if you don't, so it's something to keep in mind when you approach them. It might be better to start out in a much more positive way, thanking them for being good parents and helping you get to where you are.

    Also, your letter needs a "goal" or next step attached to it. You write really well, which usually means you communicate well. So I'd find a way to tell them you'd like to discuss this with them at a convenient time. This is the point where you get into specifics. Don't forget to ask questions. "Dad, what would it take for you to feel comfortable letting me go to London with my friends"? If he wants you to text him every hour, this is what you do.
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  • What should I do about my daughter pointing out my flaws?

    Best answer: She didn't learn this behavior out of nowhere, you know. Did you ever punish her for her smart mouth while she was growing up? Do you regularly talk back to people and that's where she learned it from? Do you regularly insult HER? Maybe she's tired of living like trash.

    Don't drink soda in front of her, or tell her to mind her own business, or say "Thanks for your opinion" and then ignore her.

    If she complains about the house, tell her that she's free to clean it herself, or find a new place to live, or hire a maid using her own money.

    You shouldn't be complaining to your 15 year-old child about your romantic troubles or fights, so that one's on you. Your child does not need to hear about your love life, good or bad, so keep it between you and the BF. If you need to vent then talk to a girlfriend your own age, or see a therapist.

    And your teen daughter has a point, that it's your own fault if you keep breaking up with a guy and then going back to him if you're constantly fighting. She's smarter than you give her credit for.

    Calling her a "biiitch" ... wow, Mother of the Year, you are. Between the dirty house and the trashy boyfriend and her own mother calling her names, I'm thinking she probably has a point.
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  • My Dad likes to mock my disabilities in his arrogant way. He is an extremely arrogant person. How do I respond?

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  • Worried about telling parents that I was arrested and have to go to court?

    I am 18, live at home and go to school. Last weekend I got into a fight and got charged with assault and criminal damage and have to go to court in 2 weeks. My parents were away and don't know about this yet. They are back on Friday. Nobody in my family have been in trouble with the police before only me. Last year I got charged with theft and I promised I'd never get in trouble again but I did. They are very strict and don't really understand what it is like to be young. I am worried that they might throw me out of home. Any adxise on the best way to tell them or what to do?
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  • Oldest daughter remarrying, her mother and I are divorced and she is remarried to a drunk. Do I have to go to this wedding?

    Best answer: You can do as you please.

    I would be there for my daughter and I would be expected to be polite to the ex and her latest consort. If possible, after the first polite hello, I would probably try to avoid the ex as much as possible.

    I was there for my Daughter and for my step Daughters, It was challenge to be polite to my ex and to my wifes ex failed to even show up.

    I remarried 30 years ago and my ex still shows up sometimes at Birthday parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. I am still expected to be polite and my children truly appreciate that.
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  • My cousin lies a lot. How do I know she is telling the truth when she asks me for money?

    Best answer: Ask her or him if they are telling you the truth. If it is a guy they are more likely to be lying.
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  • My parents hate my Mom's sister (my aunt). So they are demanding I hate her also. I like her though. What do I do?

    Best answer: Not hate her and simply explain that there is no point in them trying to impose their beliefs about her as you don not see her the same way that they do.
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  • Why does my family hate to see me progress?

    I thought they would be proud of me?
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  • Why do people say women create life when it's the men who have "seed" and children come from their father's seed?

    Women are just gestation vessels. The child should belong to the father.
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  • Saw my step-dad looking at porn?

    I just started to like him, and saw him looking at it.. that's part of the reasons why my mom divorced my dad.. and I already have a half-sister from them and I don't want her to go through what I had to, should I keep quiet or tell my mom?
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