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  • I’m a 16 y/o girl and my parents still take my phone away at 9 pm and don’t give it back to the end of school. Isn’t this ridiculous to you?

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  • Would you like to have many brothers?

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  • My mom keeps threatening to kill me!!!!!!?

    Ever since i came to California in August 2011. my mom has been threatening to kill me. This all is during my second year of high school until now. When i was little my mom used to keep me up stil 12am and tell me to study math even tho I've told her I'm not good at math. She has also has strong opinions and this is why she is threatening to kill me. Since i got to college, She belittles the remedial courses I'm taking so i can take my real courses and cusses at me constantly for it. It's gotten to the point where now whenever she gets angry she threatens to kill me and one time actually tried with sissors. i always knew I couldn't talk to her honestly but now since college, that's even more apparent. She always has to have the last word and because loud and nonsensical even over the smallest issue, even when i tell her to calm down it makes her more infuriated. it has come to the point where I really couldn't care less about her because if she refuses to charge why should i? my only hope now is to make enough money to hopefully move out during the fall or summer. What do i do?
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  • Would you hug your sister if she asked you?

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  • Should I move out?

    Long story shortish. My mom is bipolar and gets really depressed and emotional when she drinks. Which she does pretty often. My stepdad is a conspiracy theorist and an alcoholic. When both of them drink together, it never ends up well. My biological dad, who I don't live with, has partial custody over me. I have been thinking of letting him take full custody of me and living with him. However, this might mess with my stepbrother's, who is 12 years old, emotions. If you have any questions, please ask. I am attempting to make a huge life decision for the first time in my almost 17 years of living. I am open to any personal opinions on this topic. THANK YOU!
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  • My Dad is an alcoholic and my Mom says I need to fix this as the oldest son. How do I fix him when he refuses it?

    Best answer: Like everyone else has said it’s not your job to “fix” your father. That’s up to him (or if he does something stupid and gets court ordered to go to treatment). My father was also an alcoholic. The amount he used to drink every single day would put a normal person into a coma. He had to hit bottom and get court ordered to go to treatment. He’s now been sober for the past 14 years. I hope you can get your mom to see that nobody can “fix” your dad and that kind of pressure on you is a form of child abuse. Good luck
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  • Is it logical for my mom to treat my older brothers better than me?

    I am the only daughter and youngest child. My mom keeps blaming me for every small things and makes me do all work. I am 15. My two brothers are university students. One of my brother never does anything despite his age and my mom makes him 'special food' just because he doesnt like normal food and the other one is almost same. It is not that i hate doing work but being constantly screamed at my face who is mentally ill is not normal.
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  • If you witnessed your granny licking the inside of the cookie jar would you tell another family member?

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  • My mom calling me stupid still bothers me. Any advice?

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  • Do you think that 28 is too old for your mom to still be Yelling at you ?

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  • Would you allow your teenage daughter to have a girlfriend?

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  • What would your name be if you were named after your father’s hometown?

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  • Should I tell my mum that my sister cried?

    My sister was upset and ended up crying in my room I hugged her and rubbed her back while she cried then I made her laugh and we talked about stuff she's happy now but should I tell my mum that she was upset or should I keep it between sisters?
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  • My daughters father is lying to my daughter....however is it worth it to call him out to her?

    I was a teen mother and the dad of my child left. When his parents found out they sent him to Australia to live with his grandparents to keep him from quitting school. He never contacted her and occasionally sent a birthday card or Christmas gift. Now 16 years later his life is straight and wants to get to know her. She tried at first but she says she doesn't want to get to know him. She friended him on Facebook as well as her siblings. So I am trying to encourage her to give him a chance. Her anger stems from seeing the facebook pages of her siblings and how happy they are with their father and as he is way better off then us this upsets her. But I have really tried to work hard to provide for her and she knows that. She is extremely smart. Last night she talked to him on Skype. She basically point blank asked him why he basically abandoned her. His answer was it wasn't his choice. "You mom didn't want to have anything to do with me because I cheated on her" This is a lie. That is not what happened at all. However, she actually started trying and even made plans to talk to him and her siblings this weekend. She hasn't asked me anything about it yet. But I know she will. Do I let her believe that if it helps?
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  • Is it bad or weird that my brother is my best friend?

    so i'm 17 y/o a girl and i have a twin brother. me and my brother are polar opposites. like...he's not gay or girly or anything, there'd be no problem if he was but he isn't, and i'm a complete girly girl. but despite that, me and my brother are literally best friends and always have been. u know how identical and/or same sex twins are usually really really close? me and my brother's relationship is like that even though we're fraternal and different genders. we do fight of course like any siblings, but we like hanging out with each other and we can tell each other almost anything. a lot of the time i don't even need to invite a friend over because i have my brother to hang out with/watch movies with/whatever. sometimes we'll go into each others rooms at night and just talk or hang out and laugh for hours. we share most friends, so if he gets invited to a party or something, then i usually do too, and vice versa. a lot of the time we'll sit together at lunch at school with all of our friends. we go a lot of places together and are probably even going to attend the same college because we can't stand being apart. is this weird or bad???
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  • Would you still love your sister if she was very shy and quiet?

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  • Should I stop financially supporting my 23 year old son?

    My son isn’t in college and he doesn’t have a job. Despite that I pay his rent, phone bill, cable bill, car insurance, and any other bill you can think of, plus I give him money to have in his pocket so he can buy food, clothes, etc. He came to me and my husband a few days ago asking for cash because he spent all the pocket money we gave him. When we refused to give him money he blew up and basically threw a temper tantrum and called me and my husband degregory names. My husband feels that making him pay for his own things will teach him not to be so spoiled and stubborn. I on the other hand feel that it’s better if we continue supporting him because otherwise he won’t know what to do and I don’t want my boy extremely frustrated.
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  • Thinking bout taking my parents car and runaway?

    I’m 15 and I’ve been thinking about running away for a while now and I’m thinking about taking my mom car tonight while my parents are sleeping and runaway I hate my parents they mean and annoying. What will happen if I take her car?
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  • My brother is having an affair. I caught him last weekend. Do I tell his wife?

    Best answer: Don't tell her have a talk with him and tell him how feel and that you want him to be true to her and if he really doesn't care about her he should be the one who tells her and if he doesn't then consider telling her but again warn him first so he can be the one who does it.
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  • My sister beat me up, and is mad over a prank?

    My sister and I have had a pretty close and good relationship for years. i am 13 and a bit fat for my age. she's 16 and has blonde hair and plays volleyball so basically she's in good shape. I didn't think this would ever happen. She was getting very furious seeing as she was holding the remote and constantly turning it back on, just to have me turn it back off in a few seconds. and keep in mind that she has never shown any aggressive signs against me and usally just brushes it of and laughs when i prank her. Moments later she sprinted up the stairs and came into my room and said that she was sick of my sh*t, and that she wasn't putting up with it anymore. She then approached me and grabbed me by my shoulders and threw me on the ground. I was shocked because she's never been physical with me. I was telling her that I was sorry and wouldn't do it again, but I guess that wasn't enough for her. She then started punching me in the arms (My blocks were useless) and stomach until I was crying trying to ball up so I was less vulnerable. Once she felt satisfied with her beating, she slapped me once on the face and said that I was "her little b*tch now". I was freaking out and just laid there crying, not sure of what I could even do. She then left my room and slammed my door shut. idk what to do my sister is was stronger than me and were both alone home since my parents are on vacation. i just don't get why she became so mad she acted like a completely different person.
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